Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 30

Lotor Traps Pidge

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1984 on

Episode Recap

The kid comes back to free Pidge from the trap. Friendly introductions are made after Pidge apologizes for accusing the boy, Tommy, of being a theif. But then Pidge notices a wild boar nearby who is caught in another trap. He sneaks around to see who's behind this illegal poaching and it's none other than the Doomites! Pidge wants to tell the others, but because of his injured foot, must rest at Tommy's house.

Pidge's efforts to radio the Castle is thwarted by an earthquake and it is then that Pidge learns of the real danger, poaching Doomites being the least of their worries. It seems Tommy's mother was injured in a previous tremor. She also reported hearing drilling sounds from underground. That's enough for Pidge to investigate further.

Lotor is not only causing the tremors, but the storm was a front so he could sneak in a mega bomb and bury it underground. But even though Zarkon warns him to forget it, Lotor decides to drill to the Castle in an effort to save Allura so that she won't die in the blast (he has another great "Allura will be mine" fantasy, too). He ends up finding Pidge and Tommy and ties them both to the mega bomb.

Meanwhile, the VF tracked Pidge's signal to Tommy's house and find out from his mother where they had gone. As Lotor sets the timer on the mega bomb, the VF are making their way through the tunnels in their Lions. Though Lance gets to Pidge and Tommy in time to disable the bomb and frees them, Lotor uses his troops to attack the Castle. Voltron is needed once the drilling machine turns into a robeast. After a short battle, it is disposed of - typically.

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