Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 51

Lotor's New Hit Man

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Carp inspects the Robeast built for him and has many quirky demands - the color has to be red and there must be more windows. Morgill once again is infuriated by Carp's audacity, but Haggar easily obliges the pilot with her magic - well, all except for the windows ("My magic can easily change the color to red, but I don't do windows." haha). When Carp arrives on Arus, he wastes no time obliterating towns and villages.

All this gets the attention of The Voltron Force, who immediately launch to meet the threat. After Blue Lion puts out the fires in the village, the team pursues Carp as he speeds over the countryside - they're impressed with the speed of his machine. In fact, Carp's machine is so fast he easily out runs Hunk's Yellow Lion. It's quickly decided that the power of Voltron is needed.

Carp gets Voltron to pursue him through a maze of a canyon, both mighty machines pushing the limits of speed. Voltron isn't quite as nimble as Carp's Robeast and he crashes with extensive damage done to the Green Lion. Carp proceeds to goad the team by actually asking to see the famous Lion Head attack. But after all 4 Lion heads miss, Lotor calls an end to the battle so he can discuss his master plan with Carp.

Back on Doom, Morgill is once again insulted as Carp is asked to attend a party that's supposed to be 'officer's only'. Carp brags about out-manuevering Voltron and promises to finish him off tomorrow. Morgill, ever wary and jealous, pleads to Zarkon to reconsider his promise to make Carp Governor General of Arus. Of course, the royals are convinced Carp will be victorious which leaves Morgill the lone dissenter.

On Arus, the Green Lion is undergoing repairs while the team tries to figure out what went wrong. Unfortunately, everything was as it should be - nobody miscalculated or erred, it was simply a matter of Carp out-flying them with skill and speed. Before they know it, Carp is back. The team greets him with Voltron, their plan to push some extra speed out of Voltron. However, Lotor has a little surprise for Voltron himself. A net of space mines are launched and Carp tricks Voltron into flying right into the middle of them. When Carp starts blasting the mines near Voltron, the team's only chance is to split up. The Lions then use the weapons at their disposal to clear a swath through the mines and escape.

Voltron is then re-formed (this makes the third time in this ep!). It's then they unleash their surprise of reserve speed which results in the Lion head attack working this time. Morgill is thrilled at this ending, of course, cracking "A short career for the Governor General". Supposedly, Carp crash lands on Planet Gloom but that was likely a doctored scene for the sake of U.S. audiences - can't have living folks dying on screen, can we?

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