Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Oct 23, 1985 on

Episode Recap

When Lotor rejects Haggar's proposal to plot anew using her Robeast, she heads off to her lab to transform the beast into a cuddly kitten. The idea is to send it to Arus.

In the Castle, Pidge is having more goofy fun time with the space mice. He chases them down the hall for tricking him, and straight into the Princess' room - where she stands undressed. Oops.

He sits outside Allura's door, embarrassed, while the rest of the team is attracted to the commotion. Then, the cuddly white kitty appears. Pidge gladly takes in the stray, thinking it'll be just the thing to keep him from being duped by pesky mice again. Thaaat's a nice way to payback friends that have saved your ass countless times - adopt a pet that'll EAT them.

Later, Pidge serves up a special meal. While the others eat up, he hangs back by the food hoping to catch the theiving mice. But the pot he left in the open had a surprise under the lid - the white cat. And the chase is on. Food is spilled everywhere, and Pidge has to dive under Princess' dress to get one of the mice - but they are all captured. Pidge wants to teach them a lesson about how to behave, you see.

It seems it's the space mouse children that are the jokesters and theives, so after a heartfelt discussion with the mice parents and they're all freed.

Apparently, there is a real witching hour, and Haggar waits til nightfall to push her plan in motion. Lotor shows up and to Haggar's chagrin, decides to start taking credit for the plan he originally wanted no part of. After everyone goes to sleep, Haggar uses her magic to make the kitten into a saber tooth, which slashes its way out of Pidge's room. Haggar telepathically gives it intructions. It lets Coba into the castle and the two felines are off to cause trouble.

While the big cat slices and chews the controls up, one of the space mice witnesses the destruction. The mice decide to board their little mouse ship and fight the cats. Yeah, that's what I'd do, too. Not. The mice screw up, Cheddar falls out and gets captured. The two cats flee the castle with their prize before Coran and the VF can stop them.

The cats and the mouse are taken back to Lotor's ship in space, and the mouse is put in a teeny cage. Of course, the VF rush out to save the rodent.

And I guess I have to take back what I said about the Lions never beating robeast because here, they do. With no big line of defense between them and the Lions, the Doomies "stoop" to using their hostage, Cheddar, as bait. While the other mice launch in their little ship to save Cheddar, the team decides they need an assist from Voltron. Pidge launches in his Lion's head and grabs cheddar. Yay!

Lotor is infuriated. He tries to fight back, but Voltron easily destroys his command ship which forces him and Haggar to board an escape ship.