Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 18

No Muse Is Good Muse

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Meanwhile, the Muses of Norn are spotted by an Alliance ship in the area and they investigate as it was thought Merla had captured the Muses. They offer the Alliance guy Merla as evidence of their escape. They wish, however, to hand her over to someone of high rank, so the Alliance tries to contact Arus.

There, Allura and Romelle are reminiscing about growing up together (the flashback of the mini Romelle in Alfor's arms is hilarious!) - nevermind that when Romelle's character was introduced, she and Allura were estranged due to the history of their planets and families. So much for consistancy in canon! Coran speaks cryptically of the eclipse of Alfor which is due to occur soon, when "anything can happen".

Unable to contact the Voltron Force, Romelle or Sven, the Alliance bid that pip-squeak Bandor to go fetch Merla from the Muses. Of course, it's a trap! When Bandor arrives, it's revealed Merla is not captured at all. The main Muse was actually Haggar in disguise. Bandor thinks his robot fleet will bail him out, but Lotor's fleet makes short work of it. The Alliance has not choice but to interrupt the Voltron Force's eclipse ceremony to save Bandor's bacon.

While the VF launch to come to the rescue, Merla and Lotor laugh about what a swell team they make and even ponder the idea that together they could topple Zarkon from the throne. But like true megalomaniacal geniuses, neither can agree on which one of them would actually rule in his stead.

When the team arrives at Norn, they find it heavily guarded by Doom forces with Bandor and the remaining Alliance guys trapped inside their ships on the planet's surface. The Lions first must do battle with the Doom fleet. Though they do well on their own, they form Voltron for good measure I suppose. They go after Lotor's command ship, but he has a plan. He leads them near the Norn sun. He leads them into it, where temperatures reach thousands of degrees. Only Lotor knows of a secret space warp to escape the deadly heat, leaving Voltron behind to melt. For added insurance, Haggar sends a special fire bird robeast in to give Voltron a hand in his demise.

The robeast starts chopping at Voltron, inflicting decent damage. Voltron is really in a bind until he pulls out a new weapon - some sort of solar bow and arrow. The weapon finishes off the robeast and Voltron manages not to crash land on Norn. The celebration is short-lived as Merla calls forth the ultimate robeast - the one that bested Haggar's Voltron clone earlier. The beast freezes Voltron solid, then assaults him with spikes until he falls over.

As the beast moves in to finish him, the eclipse begins. I think you know where this is going...

Haggar is worried the eclipse is a bad omen, while Allura tries to channel the power of the eclipse to help the team. It works. The energy from the eclipse first unfreezes Voltron, then it energizes the blazing sword to unseen proportions. Zarkon is the only one happy to witness a defeat, sure as ever Lotor and Merla don't have what it takes to steal his throne. Furthermore, he vows to take advantage of Voltron's weakened state to get rid of him once and for all.