Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 34

Pidge's Home Planet

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 1984 on



  • Trivia

    • We learn in this episode Allura cannot be crowned Queen until she marries (chooses a Prince Consort). Considering that the first ruler of Arus was in fact a woman according to the sequel series, Voltron: The Third Dimension, this is an interesting thing to note.

  • Quotes

    • (As the Space Explorers are trying to leave for Planet Balto after fighting off the Castle Guards.)
      Allura: Keith. I'm sorry.
      Keith: Yeah. You know we have to go.
      Hunk(impatient): Keith! Come on, there's no time.
      (A long moment of silence passes between Keith and Allura. Allura starts to cry. Keith looks away, unable to face her and then runs past. He stops a moment, but doesn't look back.)
      Allura: You coming back?
      Keith: I plan to, but without you we won't have the Blue Lion, so... who knows?
      Allura(calls out desperately): Keith! (Keith turns back and looks as she finishes her thought.) It won't be the same.

    • (Hunk picks up one of the Castle Guards trying to arrest him.)
      Hunk: Now hear this!
      (Hunk throws the Guard)

    • (In response to the idea that the Space Explorers could remain the personal honor guard to Allura when she's Queen.)
      Lance: You can count me out! I'd feel like an idiot bowing and scraping to a girl who kisses mice!
      Allura: I'd rather kiss mice than some people.

    • Nanny: She must be surrounded by people of culture.
      Hunk: What are we, space bums?
      Nanny: She should associate with people of her class.
      Keith: Okay, I think we get the message.
      Lance: What about about us? We get a handshake, thanks a lot, and goodbye? (Flatly.) No gold star. Could we ask for a letter of recommendation?

    • (Several space mice run in and give Allura kisses.)
      Nanny: She needs to settle down. The things she associates with.
      (Hunk grunts.)
      Lance: Was that shot aimed this way?!?

    • Coran: (to Allura)The people of Arus are anxious for you to provide the kingdom with an heir. It's their fervent desire.(Lance walks up to the crown on display in front of Coran as Coran continues) We must try to find someone... suitable.
      (Lance picks up crown)
      Lance: What women won't do just to get a new hat!
      (Nanny swats Lance's hand)
      Nanny: Keep your hands off! (Lance puts the crown down as she continues) It is not new and it's not just a hat!

  • Notes

    • As the Voltron Force heads to planet Balto, Coran orders the Castle of Lions' weapons to be fired in salute to the Voltron Force. In the King of Beasts GoLion episode used to create this episode of Voltron, titled "Goodbye, Earth", Raible (Coran in Voltron.) has the weapons of Castle Gradam (The Castle of Lions in Voltron.) fired in an attempt to shoot the lions down. Raible ordered the team not to go to Earth because doing so would leave planet Altea (Arus in Voltron.) vulnerable to attacks by the Galra Empire.

    • The episode of King of Beasts GoLion that was used to create this particular episode of Voltron is titled "Goodbye, Earth." In that episode the planet the GoLion Team (Voltron Force in Voltron.) rushes to is Earth (Which was decimated by nuclear war in the pilot episode of GoLion.). Earth is destroyed at the end of the episode which explains why the entire team is in tears after watching the planet explode.

  • Allusions

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