Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 23

Raid of the Alien Mice

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Meanwhile on Doom, Haggar, Zarkon and Lotor are enjoying the fruits of their handywork. Despite the Voltron Force's initial efforts, these varmits go on to hit strategic points in the Castle - disabling cameras and other equipment. It doesn't take long before they realize the alien critters will be heading for the Main Control Room. Enlisting the help of Allura's rodent friends, the Voltron Force prepare to stand guard.

But when a Robeast is unleashed outside the Castle, Keith, Lance and Hunk run to their Lions - only to find they can't launch their shuttles to get to their ships. Their only option is to risk reaching their Lions on foot. In the meantime, Allura and Pidge are in the Main Control Room trying to repair the damage enough to launch. Allura sends one of her space mouse friends into the main computer to distract and draw the alien mice out. It seems to work as Pidge blasts the pest as they chase Cheesy out of the machine.

Now the focus is on the others, who haven't met with much success getting to their Lions thanks to Lotor's forces and the Robeast. Lucky for them, Allura and Pidge are able to launch their shuttles and access their Lions.

Once they're rescued, Pidge and Allura try to hold off the Robeast but they get roughed up a bit. Of course, once the others arrive and Voltron is formed, the tide of the battle turns predictably.

In the end, the space mice are given a plate of cheese for their help, and Pidge has a cute moment with them.

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