Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 53

Raid of the Red Berets

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Come morning, an unsuspecting Voltron Force is out on patrol. They pass over a group of Arusians out in the countryside, who are riding on some sort of farm tractor. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until the VF spot the same machine abandoned on their way back to the Castle (in GoLion, I imagine the Arusians were slaughtered by the Red Berets judging from the team's emotional reactions that don't quite fit their words and the fact that the screen never cuts to the abandoned and damaged vehicle). Keith radios to Coran, who informs him reports are flooding in about humanoid robots terrorizing the citizens. Keith immediately suspects Lotor is behind it all.

While Pidge and Lance are out patroling to try to find clues as to who and what is doing this, angry Arusians storm the palace. They're chanting things like "down with Allura" as they're angry she's safe in the Castle while they're being terrorized. Lotor is enjoying the results of his fear campaign. His plan is to step in as protector so that the Arusians look to him for safety and turn on the Voltron Force. Coran and the Princess try desperately to gain the people's confidence. But just as they get the crowd to soften its position and disperse, the Red Berets attack. They find out the hard way what all the activity was that Lance and Pidge detected before near a volcano - they were after lava dust. And after coating the Black Lion in it, Keith is stuck, his lion turned to stone. Without missing a beat, Lotor unleashes the Robeast. The Lions struggle with the robeast as well as with trying to free Black Lion from its stone prison. Finally, they use the Lions' eye beams like a tractor beam to lift Black Lion and hurl it at the Robeast. The impact shatters the stone and Voltron can be formed. Once again, the Robeast is thwarted by a combo Lion Head/Blazing Sword attack. The episode ends without any real explanation on what happened to the Red Beret robots.

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