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  • No long what it was.

    I first watch voltron back in the mid 80s and at that time I think I would have given it a 9 or 10, but some shows don't age with time. One show for example is GI Joe, as a kid I loved the show, but when I watch it today I just laugh at how ridicules it is. You can have one hundred people shooting at each other and not a single person gets shot or dies. They have to be the worst solders in history. Voltron is like that, when I watch it today it just doesn't hold up like others shows from that period. For example Transformers and Robotech. I think it did influence shows like Power Rangers, maybe that's why I don't like it as much as I did when I was a kid. Overall it's still a ok show just not what it used to be.
  • a classic of the 80's. Where good faces evil.

    like the normal 80's cartoons. the voice actting leaves much to be desired. yet when you have seven people doing the job of seventeen, i can understand. the lines themselves are not excusable. downright horrorable at times. espeically the whole doom clan. their lines are over drawn and thoughtless. (like they blunt out the first thing that comes to mind) The translation could have been much better.

    i would love to see loins go. the uncenored and true showing. they say the scenes are unbutched and uncut. only in japan i believe. but in a few years, who knows? in concusion, for the time it come up it was no doubt top notch. But, some things now are far better. but for the classics. This and transforms are at the top of the list.
  • Very well-written. I enjoyed watching it even though the quality of the version I was watching was bad. There was a few things I didn't understand. Then again I only saw the I think was the 1st and the 3rd season, whatever is on Boomerang late at night.

    I already knew about Pidge's brother from the final episode of the 3rd season. Personally I wish that Booerang showed the 2nd season or even the special. I found the part about Haggar and her alternate self sort of confusing, I only saw the show with the witch Haggar. Allura + Keith who would have guessed. The story line for the whole thing was good. I personally wished either Allura's twin on Pollux would show up. Both ships ran into trouble with the enemy and the corny joke wasn't really needed there. That was not the time or place to crack one. Also how could the strongest monster be released at the Voltron force if they beat all their toughest monsters? At least within the special we got to see some info about the other Voltron force. Even though Voltron is before my time it's a good classic to watch.
  • Voltron is a favorite cartoon of mine. I like the lion version of the show but I really don't like the vehicle version. Lance, Keith, Pidge, Hunk, and the Princess form voltron with their totally awsome lions.

    The five lions of voltron form the mighty robot voltron. The characters were all pretty cool. Princess Alura was the only girl in the team but when the team first started it was all guys. Sven was an original memeber but when he left after only a few episodes the princess took over his lion. That's cool because I didn't really like Sven very much. He was kind of a dull character. Other than that, the show was really cool and the lion version of Voltron was the coolest. The vehicle version had too many characters and I really don't remember much about them. I didn't like that version. It was boring and confusing. To me the only true Voltron is the lion Voltron. That was the only Voltron that I ever liked.
  • The forces of Planet Doom ,lead by the evil King Zarkon, are on a mission of conquest throughout the galaxy. However, the mighty robot Voltron, piloted by a small crew of pilots, is prepared to do whatever it takes to stop Zarkon and fight for justice.

    The popular Japanimated series "King of Beasts Go-Lion." comes to the United States as "Voltron: Defender of the Universe." World Events Productions, the company that reedited "Go-Lion" for American audiences, does a very good job in creating good characters, top notch suspense and thrilling entertainment. Voltron's battles with Zarkon's dangerous robeasts are in and of themselves a reason to not miss this series. Another highlight is the series' excellent music score. The heroes are well done in "Voltron" but the villans are also. The witch Haggar and Zarkon's power mad son Lotor are very strong agents of evil. Great show.
  • From days of long ago...

    For many in my generation, when they hear "From days of long ago...," they will think of the opening of "Voltron." Back in 1984, World Events Productions brought two robot shows over from Japan and dubbed them into English ("Golion" and "Dairugger XV"). Of the two, the dubbed version of "Golion" (better known to "Voltron" fans as Lion Force Voltron), ended up being more popular. The Lion Force Voltron featured five robot lions that became one robot, as well as explored the lives of the five pilots of the lions; Vehicle Force Voltron, meanwhile, featured fifteen vehicles that formed a giant robot. Between the two, Lion Force was my favorite (Vehicle Voltron simply had too many characters and it was difficult to really get to know them very well, and the storyline was also a little harder to follow). Although, I have to admit, near the end of the its run in syndication, I developed a better appreciation for Vehicle Voltron (but I still prefer Lion Force). Lion Force managed to combine science fiction with the magic of the witch Haggar and King Alfor, the human interest stories, the medieval feel of Arus, and the darkness of Planet Doom to tell a good story. Unfortunately, the second season of Lion Force (which were original episodes produced by World Events) were nowhere near as strong as the first season of Lion Force Voltron.
  • I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly.

    I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly. This is definitely a pleasant surprise. I will surely look forward to more of Voltron: Defender of the Universe from now. It just shows you that on any given day, you can discover something refreshing and new. Lucky moi.
  • Brings back fond memories.

    I loved this show as a kid, and even though I can easily spot inconsistencies and other things that only adults notice, I still do.

    My memories of the Vehicle Voltron are shoddy because I don't recall seeing too many episodes of that. Lion Voltron, however has been a longtime favorite.

    Some people like to point to shows like Voltron as an example of an anime chop job and I'd like to slap the taste out of their mouths for saying so. Voltron's violence and language may be edited down from the original show (GoLion), but no one ever tried to claim that Voltron was a straight dub. If you want to talk about a chop job, then talk about One Piece.

    The producers took a great Japanese show and worked around the restrictions of the American marketplace to make another show. And I, as well as many others, will always be thankful for that.

    Let's go Voltron Force!
    (I know, its cheesy to end with that, but I don't care.)
  • This was a childhood favorit e of mine.

    When I was little, i loved this show. It had it all. It was in the future, in space, had a castle, had super robot animals taht transformed. Plus it had a princess who kicked butt. When the cartoon network showed the repeats a a few years back, i fell in love with it again. You could tell it was an old cartoon. The styles of drawing sure have changed. But it did not stay long on the air again. But when in a few days, i learned of the remake of it. The remake was okay, but the origninal is the best.
  • What else can be said about this cartoon that hasnt been said before. It was something great. When I was alot younger thats all I would do would watch Voltron. There were no cartoons out at that time that could Get with him. A cartoon show worth watching.

    I Wanna list the characters of importance that make up our hero Voltron. Keith is the leader. Hes the one who makes the decisions and leads his team. He pilots Black Lion. Lance is Second in command. Lance pilots Red Lion. He is somewhat of jokester and teaser. And is a great dareing pilot to. Sven was the original second in command who piloted Blue Lion. Sven is a very emotional and quiet kind of guy. He only spoke when it mattered and if it was really important to the team. Early on in the show Svens character got hurt and left the team. Princess Allura was the one who stepped in to pilot Blue Lion for the departing Sven. Princess Allura is a ruler of the Kingdom of Altaire and the planet Arus. Her character is young at heart and very capable of ruleing with some help from her father and the team. Pidge is the youngest and shortest of the group. He is really a kid. He pilots Green Lion. He also is to smart for his own good. And he knows how to fight to. Our last member of the team is Hunk. Hunk is a very strong guy who pilots Yellow Lion. He may act tough at times but hes a gentle giant. Hes also known for never missing a time to eat. And never backing down when it matters the most.
  • From days of long ago comes an legend the legend of Voltron defender of the universe!!!!

    From days of long ago from uncharted region of the sky.Comes an legend the legend of Voltron defender of the universe! Loved by good fear by evil! Yes Voltron is one of those 80 classic animes,that had been on tv.Ah I can remembered the time when I saw Voltron.This is one of the best robot anime ever.This has some good plot in the anime.However I don't know what to rate the voice acting.I mean some were awsome.Others were um...well o.k.If you hadn't noticed that in the u.s verison,they had cut out some scenes out of many episodes.That was never seen.I am planning to get Golion the uncut verison.Whenever they decide to released it.
  • Voltron Defender Of The Universe!

    5 young man travels to an distant planet known as I forgot the name to seek out the legendary Voltron.When Keith,Lance,Hunk,Pidge and Sven become pilots of the 5 lions to form the legendary Voltron and fight aganist the evil king zarkon and his minions and defend the universe as well.When Sven is gone.He is replaced by Princess Alura.Voltron I think this was one of the first classic giant robot anime that was made.This had started from the day I was born.My brothers and sister used to watched this show as well.My 2nd brother he used to own an Voltron toy as well.This show used to be on USA.Man! I miss this show already.Lance was my favorite character from Voltron.But when they made Voltron 3D verison.I stopped watching since it wasn't great as the ones from the cartoon.I am glad that they are bringing Voltron on DVD.
  • A very cool animation.

    I love this show. I just love it. One of my favorite shows of the 80s. It's a classic now, but I still remember the days when I saw the show. It captivated the spirit of the 80s. which is now a gone by era. the voltron show had 2 versions, one is the lions version and the other a vehicles version. both are good, but i think i like the lions better. i feel that the stories are great, they are well written, you know it's sub standard animaton, but the stories stand out making you forget that it's animation.
  • This is the real Voltron AND I'LL FORM THE HEAD

    That show was awesome, and that toy kicked ass, they had all the disconnecting Lions, and the people fit inside them, so they could form or go separate, if you had more than one kid, you could probably keep them all entertained with that one toy. That was a cool show when we were little.
  • A great cartoon ruined by horrible dubbing!

    I admit - I loved this cartoon when I was a kid (and who didn't) but now, after I saw the show again, I realized the awful truth and saw how they ruined cartoon with awful dubbing and stupid censorship. How stupid it is? - imagine a scene where a character walks down the hall and he passes by the picture in silence. That would be the japanese version. Now, in the american version he would pass by the picture and yelled "Gee! What a nice picture!" They putted unnecessary dialogues in every freakin' scene and if only they were good, but noooooooo...it's all about Voltron, Voltron....

    Princess: Gee, this flowers are nice
    Keith: Not as nice as Voltron!
    Nanny: I have to cook lunch!
    Pidge: Don't worry, if you need help, call Voltron!

    I do making this up, but the dialogues aren't really much different from this. And to makes things worse, I think that some female characters were voiced by men!
    I honestly tried to watch the cartoon while ignoring this, but I just couldn't help it. It was that horrible. I'm desperately trying to find Golion - the japanese version, to find some sense which was heartlessly squeezed from it in the american version. The only good thing I found in the american version is Dale Schacker's fantastic music. But still it's not enough to save it.
    And to conclude - the cartoon itself is great but the americanisation process went terrible, but still I would rather watch this then plenty of other animes that appeared during this decade.
  • ...

    i absolutly love this show greatest one on earth, i love this show for one reason its so awsome i mean unlike other shows like power rangers adn stuff it shows the techological things like in the episodes where voltrons legs kept falling off and they keep geting seperated showed that the show just wasn't about a couple of robots joining together but 5 mighty lions combining to make an unstopable force.
  • The magic of anime comes alive with Voltron.

    St. Loius-based company World Events Produtions licensed two anime titles, Golion (Lion Voltron) and Dairugger XV (Vehicle Voltron) to produce this show. Featuring stunning background music for a cartoon (composed by John Petersen), this show was a huge part of my childhood imagination and is one of my very sweetest memories. The die-cast version of the toy was one of my biggest desires as a child, and while I got a smaller version of the toy called Lionbot, eventually Trendmasters released a version in 1997 that is among my most treasured possessions today. Thankfully, the Voltron DVDs are out now, so we can relive this masterpiece of animation. The Japanese versions (seasons 1 of both Lion and Vehicle) are by far the best. If you're anything like me, skip the rest.
  • Voltron should be flatered!!!

    As they say imitation is the best form of flattery. But non the less power rangers was still a ripoff of a great cartoon the second of the two cartoons i could never miss when i was a kid. It was cool with the premise of 5 young fighters who have lions that form into a huge robot that defended the universe. Voltron was probably one of the top cartoons of the decade and if it isnt well it should be.
  • Before Power Rangers, there came a legendary cartoon...

    Voltron is, perhaps, one of the fondest remembered television shows of the 80's. Five brave explorers (shortly thereafter four and a princess) set out to find the one thing in the universe capible of standing up to King Zarkon... Voltron, a powerful robot made of five robot lions, and powered by purity of heart and soul.

    Of course, the formation sequence was the part of nearly every episode most people looked forward to. The classic sequence, beginning with "Activate Interlocks", marked what everyone always knew to be the beginning of the end for the Robeast menace of the day.

    Paving the way for Power Rangers, Voltron remains popular to this day.