Voltron: Defender of the Universe

(ended 1985)





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  • Voltron Defender Of The Universe!

    5 young man travels to an distant planet known as I forgot the name to seek out the legendary Voltron.When Keith,Lance,Hunk,Pidge and Sven become pilots of the 5 lions to form the legendary Voltron and fight aganist the evil king zarkon and his minions and defend the universe as well.When Sven is gone.He is replaced by Princess Alura.Voltron I think this was one of the first classic giant robot anime that was made.This had started from the day I was born.My brothers and sister used to watched this show as well.My 2nd brother he used to own an Voltron toy as well.This show used to be on USA.Man! I miss this show already.Lance was my favorite character from Voltron.But when they made Voltron 3D verison.I stopped watching since it wasn't great as the ones from the cartoon.I am glad that they are bringing Voltron on DVD.