Voltron: Defender of the Universe

(ended 1985)





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  • What else can be said about this cartoon that hasnt been said before. It was something great. When I was alot younger thats all I would do would watch Voltron. There were no cartoons out at that time that could Get with him. A cartoon show worth watching.

    I Wanna list the characters of importance that make up our hero Voltron. Keith is the leader. Hes the one who makes the decisions and leads his team. He pilots Black Lion. Lance is Second in command. Lance pilots Red Lion. He is somewhat of jokester and teaser. And is a great dareing pilot to. Sven was the original second in command who piloted Blue Lion. Sven is a very emotional and quiet kind of guy. He only spoke when it mattered and if it was really important to the team. Early on in the show Svens character got hurt and left the team. Princess Allura was the one who stepped in to pilot Blue Lion for the departing Sven. Princess Allura is a ruler of the Kingdom of Altaire and the planet Arus. Her character is young at heart and very capable of ruleing with some help from her father and the team. Pidge is the youngest and shortest of the group. He is really a kid. He pilots Green Lion. He also is to smart for his own good. And he knows how to fight to. Our last member of the team is Hunk. Hunk is a very strong guy who pilots Yellow Lion. He may act tough at times but hes a gentle giant. Hes also known for never missing a time to eat. And never backing down when it matters the most.