Voltron: Defender of the Universe

(ended 1985)





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  • A great cartoon ruined by horrible dubbing!

    I admit - I loved this cartoon when I was a kid (and who didn't) but now, after I saw the show again, I realized the awful truth and saw how they ruined cartoon with awful dubbing and stupid censorship. How stupid it is? - imagine a scene where a character walks down the hall and he passes by the picture in silence. That would be the japanese version. Now, in the american version he would pass by the picture and yelled "Gee! What a nice picture!" They putted unnecessary dialogues in every freakin' scene and if only they were good, but noooooooo...it's all about Voltron, Voltron....

    Princess: Gee, this flowers are nice
    Keith: Not as nice as Voltron!
    Nanny: I have to cook lunch!
    Pidge: Don't worry, if you need help, call Voltron!

    I do making this up, but the dialogues aren't really much different from this. And to makes things worse, I think that some female characters were voiced by men!
    I honestly tried to watch the cartoon while ignoring this, but I just couldn't help it. It was that horrible. I'm desperately trying to find Golion - the japanese version, to find some sense which was heartlessly squeezed from it in the american version. The only good thing I found in the american version is Dale Schacker's fantastic music. But still it's not enough to save it.
    And to conclude - the cartoon itself is great but the americanisation process went terrible, but still I would rather watch this then plenty of other animes that appeared during this decade.