Voltron: Defender of the Universe

(ended 1985)





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  • From days of long ago...

    For many in my generation, when they hear "From days of long ago...," they will think of the opening of "Voltron." Back in 1984, World Events Productions brought two robot shows over from Japan and dubbed them into English ("Golion" and "Dairugger XV"). Of the two, the dubbed version of "Golion" (better known to "Voltron" fans as Lion Force Voltron), ended up being more popular. The Lion Force Voltron featured five robot lions that became one robot, as well as explored the lives of the five pilots of the lions; Vehicle Force Voltron, meanwhile, featured fifteen vehicles that formed a giant robot. Between the two, Lion Force was my favorite (Vehicle Voltron simply had too many characters and it was difficult to really get to know them very well, and the storyline was also a little harder to follow). Although, I have to admit, near the end of the its run in syndication, I developed a better appreciation for Vehicle Voltron (but I still prefer Lion Force). Lion Force managed to combine science fiction with the magic of the witch Haggar and King Alfor, the human interest stories, the medieval feel of Arus, and the darkness of Planet Doom to tell a good story. Unfortunately, the second season of Lion Force (which were original episodes produced by World Events) were nowhere near as strong as the first season of Lion Force Voltron.