Voltron: Defender of the Universe

(ended 1985)





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  • Voltron is a favorite cartoon of mine. I like the lion version of the show but I really don't like the vehicle version. Lance, Keith, Pidge, Hunk, and the Princess form voltron with their totally awsome lions.

    The five lions of voltron form the mighty robot voltron. The characters were all pretty cool. Princess Alura was the only girl in the team but when the team first started it was all guys. Sven was an original memeber but when he left after only a few episodes the princess took over his lion. That's cool because I didn't really like Sven very much. He was kind of a dull character. Other than that, the show was really cool and the lion version of Voltron was the coolest. The vehicle version had too many characters and I really don't remember much about them. I didn't like that version. It was boring and confusing. To me the only true Voltron is the lion Voltron. That was the only Voltron that I ever liked.