Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Season 1

(ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • 11/9/84
    This is yet another desert planet episode. Here, the people of Planet Yadle are joyous that they've been granted their independence and are preparing to welcome Voltron who is coming to help them celebrate. However, Zarkon is miffed these people think they're free and want the rebellion, as he sees it, crushed. Lotor figures he has the perfect way to put an end to all the madness - an exact duplicate of Voltron! It was built from stolen blue prints - the only visible difference is a touch Haggar added by darkening under his eyes. Lotor's plan is that when the people of Yadle welcome "Voltron" with open arms, they'll learn an unpleasant lessonmoreless
  • Mighty Space Mice
    Episode 50
    Cheesy and his mousy cohorts are training to become warriors - you know, one of the team! Oh brother.

    While out training with pans on their heads as pseudo-helmets, they run across Haggar's blue cat and run to tell the Voltron Force of that little presence of Doom. Amid the excitement, the team unveils the Mouse Plane for the rodents, which is a tiny robotic mouse for them all to pilot. Heck, they even get mini-uniforms not unlike the Voltron Force's own. Cute, in that gag-me saccharine kind of way.moreless
  • The Deadly Flowers
    The Deadly Flowers
    Episode 22
    Seedlings flutter down from the sky to Arus, leaving beautiful and fragrant blooms. Arusians frolick in the fields of flowers and even Allura dances about with some blossoms the space mice brought her.
  • Planet of the Bats
    Episode 10
    Cliff and his Land Team find an ancient city on a forgotten planet. While exploring, Cinda and Modok find an army of strange bats. Modok goes berserk before finally collapsing, burning up with fever. It seems the bats have given him a strange virus. Then the Drule fleet attacks, but without Modok the Voltron Force can't form Voltron.moreless
  • Sleeping Princess
    Sleeping Princess
    Episode 29
    Zarkon has decided it's time for Lotor to take a suitor and presents him with Princess Koral from Demos. He kisses her (a taste test?), and while she's attractive enough, Lotor just can't shake his dream of having Allura all to himself.
  • 11/15/84
    This is a sequel to the previous episode. Both sides it seems are licking their wounds, so to speak, and preparing to do better next time. Princess is nursing her shoulder injury and worried about her Lion, when her father appears on the Castle monitor to impart some wisdom. He tells her and the rest of the team that the Lions are like 5 parts of a stream flowing into a river.moreless
  • Short Run of the Centipede Express
    Lotor is daydreaming of Allura once again when Zarkon summons him. Planet Moura has been captured and it's time to have a little arena fun with some slaves. Zarkon also has a new toy he wants Lotor to tend to - it's an Ion Laser Gun that will be powerful enough to obliterate Arus when finished. Meanwhile, Voltron is lurking in an asteroid belt so the VF can keep tabs on the activity on Moura, as well as observe Zarkon's other new toy - the Centipede Express. Upon deciding reconnosence is in order, Keith and Lance use Green Lion's head to fly down to the planet's surface. Armed with explosives, they aim to strategically place them around the giant Ion gun in hopes of destroying it. By knocking out a few Doomite guards, they score the perfect disguises to proceed in.moreless
  • Treasure of Planet Tyrus
    To celebrate his birthday, Lotor takes a trip to planet Tyrus. While getting a massage from scantly clad servants, Zarkon informs Lotor that he sent a ship with a present for Lotor ( a big gold statue of the Prince, to be exact). However, the ship ran into some trouble on its way to Tyrus and as luck would have it, the Voltron Force picked up the S.O.S.moreless
  • Lotor's New Hit Man
    Episode 51
    Lotor, Zarkon and Morgill are watching some of the up and coming pilots in the Academy practice when a stand-out performance from one catches their eye. The pilot, Carp, does a bold fly-by at the trio before landing. Morgill wants to kill him for his wreckless endagerment of the King, but Lotor sees the potential in his skill as a pilot and has him spared after Zarkon seconds that notion. Carp is willing to pilot a robeast for Doom but insists it be built to his specs and, when he defeats Voltron, demands to be made Governor General of Arus. Morgill has never been more infuriated but must hold his tongue and his sword.moreless
  • 11/2/84
    Leaving off from the previous episode, Voltron manages to blast off before the robeast could get a good swipe in but they're not out of the woods yet. They're back in the Robeast-cannon pickle but Keith has a plan. Holding the robeast in the way, Keith hopes Lotor shoots them booth. But when the blast hits the robeast, he orders the team to disengage so that it appears Voltron was also blown to pieces. Lotor indeed thinks he's triumphed. Garrett then calls Lotor from the Castle to remind him that he promised to send 10,000 clones to Arus for Garrett to rule. Lotor dismisses Garrett, thinking the clone has worn out his welcome now that he's defeated Voltron.moreless
  • Pidge's Home Planet
    Episode 34
    Pidge's home planet of Balto is being barraged with nuclear missiles as Coran and Nanny are putting the pressure on Allura to get married. The Voltron Force (minus Allura) goes to Balto despite Coran's attempts to place them under house arrest in a last desperate attempt to save the planet.
  • Help Not Wanted
    Episode 14
    In an effort to bring peace between Galaxy Garrison and the Drule Empire, the alliance agrees to send Explorer into Drule territory to begin peace negotiations. The alliance offers an olive branch to the Drules by giving their word that they will not use Voltron. The Drules agree to meet for peace talks. An alliance squaron, lead by Commander Kio, escorts Explorer, but the Drules launch an attack. The hopes for peace were a trap. Seeing that Explorer and Commander Kio's forces can't fend off the Drule attack for long, Jeff and the rest of the Voltron Force debate whether or not to disobey orders and put Voltron into action.moreless
  • Magnetic Attraction
    Magnetic Attraction
    Episode 44
    This one has that amusing sequence where the Voltron Force is honing their hand-to-hand combat skills and Allura lays the smackdown on Lance. Depsite how tough she is, Allura's still no match for Nanny's and Coran's combined anal retention. In yet another instance of same-ish plot recycling, Allura is hauled off to do more Princess-worthy activities.moreless
  • Lotor's Clone
    Episode 45
    Zarkon kicks off the episode by berating Lotor for his failures while all but calling him a coward for sending robots into battle where he should be leading. Lotor promises to deliver a plan that doesn't involve robots and then leaves to consult with Haggar. She took a culture from the Prince and together with her magic, has created a clone of Lotor to lead the troops. Appearance-wise, the clone is an exact duplicate but Haggar claims he'll have twice the strength and unafraid. Basically, the clone with do the dirty work while the real Lotor will get all the glory. After testing the clone's skill on two unsuspecting robot Doomites in the arena, they're off to Arus.moreless
  • 10/24/84
    This one starts off with Lotor, after giving Romelle one more chance to share the throne with him, tossing her into the Pit of Skulls on Doom. A voice tells Romelle not to be afraid right before she's thrown in, and indeed she is not alone.
  • 10/27/84
    The crew of Explorer decides to establish a base on a planet they just recently discovered. However Drule Supreme Commander Hazar has learned of this news and orders one of his squadron commanders, Captain Quark, to take the planet and all the alliance has built there by force. Quark waits for the Voltron Force to be occupied on scouting missions before commencing his attack.moreless
  • 11/23/84
    Lotor is still smarting over his defeat in the last episode, marveling at how such a perfect plan went so wrong (though in the flashback, Lotor got a lot of the details of the last two episodes entirely wrong). Then, armed Doomites show up to arrest the Prince on Zarkon's orders and he's brought before his father. Zarkon orders him, like all that fail in battle, to be punished by going to prison. Haggar, however, is worried that the planets Lotor had conquered would revolt if their conquerer was imprisoned. Instead, she suggests Zarkon invite them to Lotor's court martial so that they would pledge allegiance to Zarkon. So Lotor is locked up pending his court martial.moreless
  • 10/12/84
    Haggar ventures to Arus once more, another diabolical plot brewing under that burlap-looking cowl of hers. Next thing we know, a strange bird lands inside a room in the Castle where the boys on the Voltron Force are hanging out. With a whistle, Pidge charms the critter into perching on his shoulder. Then, Nanny is seen chasing after Allura as she rushes to the control room. Her hurry was to get the news the bird was carrying - which was that her Aunt Orla was coming to visit.moreless
  • 11/20/84
    Bandor gets a memo bearing some bad news - Zarkon and his cohorts are planning to fuel some 500 robeasts on a satellite called Nuklon. Something has to be done, and Sven and Romelle ( in a kickin' new 60's go-go girl outfit and cape - meow! ) elect to do the doing.moreless
  • 11/12/84
    Lotor once again is up to no good. First he conquers a new planet and dubs it Zarkonia. The people of Zarkonia are promptly enslaved and treated poorly, which Lotor hopes will draw Voltron...for he and Haggar have a little trap for their loathed arch enemy when he arrives.
  • The Stolen Lion
    Episode 11
    The Princess is undergoing rigorous training in her Lion, fighting with Lance's Lion as if it's a real battle after taking a hard hit from one of his assaults, the Blue Lion plummets toward earth in a tail spin. She is saved, not by any of the VF rushing to aid her in their Lions, but by the tractor beams from a ship piloted by a mysterious stranger.moreless
  • Bridge on the River Chozzerai
    Allura was going to be taking part in a reinactment of a love story, and had to choose someone to play the part of the man.
  • The Missing Key
    Episode 4

    Pidge and the other members of The Voltron Force return to the Castle of Lions safely. They realize that Yurak will launch another attack come dawn. They also realize that only Voltron can defeat Haggar's Robeast. So The Voltron Force and Coran return to King Alfor's tomb to search for the missing Black Lion key. While there they see a group of Space Mice. Thinking the mice may know the location of the key to the Black Lion they trap the mice in a cage to question them. Upon discovering this Alura is appalled since the mice have been her friends since childhood. Alura talks to the mice and asks them about they key. They tell her they thought the key was pretty and took it to their nest as a good luck charm. They are released from the cage and return the key to The Voltron Force. With all five lions the Voltron Force heads into battle and defeats Haggar's Robeast handily.

  • The Captive Comet
    Episode 31
    Haggar tells Zarkon the story of the Omega Comet, which is mysterious in that it behaves like a black hole by sucking everything it passes up with its massive gravitational pull. Voltron at one time had stashed the comet away into a far corner of the universe where nobody could find it - until now. With Romelle on deck to witness it, the Doomies send the coment on a course for Arus. Romelle manages to get a warning call out to the Castle of Lions about the Comet and of course Coran knows exactly the danger they face in the path of the comet.moreless
  • It'll Be a Cold Day
    It'll Be a Cold Day
    Episode 57
    This one starts with Princess Romelle of Pollux being tossed into a dungeon cell on Doom by Prince Lotor. Due to her resemblance to her cousin Allura, Lotor figures he might as well live vicariously through her and snag a smooch. Of course, he is seriously denied when she sends him packing with a hefty slap to the face. She even tries to stab him with a sharp rock. Poor Lotor, he gets no respect.moreless
  • Summit Meeting
    Episode 58

    This one starts out at Galaxy Garrison, with the top brass discussing the escalating war in the Denubian Galaxy. Commander Steele explains how he hopes a summit meeting Allura has called between all the leaders of her galaxy will yield something useful in her fight for Arus, because Earth and its galaxy has its own problems (implying, I suppose, all the struggles Vehicle Voltron has endured battling the Drules).

  • The Little Prince
    Episode 32
    After a brief recap of the previous episode, this one picks right up where it left off. Lotor has a fleet hitting Arus hard since he knows Voltron's not around to stop it. Meanwhile, Galaxy Garrison is angry Bandor left their main power supply unguarded and want him to return. But he just can't bring himself to leave the comet and Voltron.moreless
  • Raid of the Alien Mice
    Beastly looking mice (that look more like rats) are in the Castle of Lions wreaking havoc - things are exploding, catching on fire...you name it. After some investigating with the Castle scanners, it's determined that the pests are holed up in the room where most if not all of the Castle's circuitry to its computer controls are located. The men of the Voltron Force head that way to investigate only to end up getting in an exchange of laser fire with the beasts (the alien mice can shoot red beams out of their eyes - scary!).moreless
  • 11/3/84
    Explorer discovers a new planet and decides to begin colonization. Hazar demands the alliance leave the planet immediately. If the alliance refuses, the planet will be destroyed. It is soon discovered that the planet is unstable and could not survive the onslaught of an attack by the Drules. Commander Hawkins orders an evacuation. Drule Captain Quark, feeling the alliance is not evacuating fast enough, launches a devastating attack. The Voltron Force desperately tries to hold off the attack while the alliance evacuates.moreless
  • Lotor Traps Pidge
    Episode 30
    A storm brews on Arus. Pidge, while trying to round up townsfolk to take shelter, gets in a scuffle with a young boy over a rabbit Pidge claims the boy looted to eat. When the boy claims he found it in a trap, Pidge really thinks him a liar as he knows traps are against the law on Arus. The boy runs into the woods and Pidge pursues - only to get his foot caught in a trap.moreless
  • 9/11/84

    The explorers return to Arus and discover the legendary (but crumbling) Castle of Lions where they meet Princess Allura, and her advisor, Coran. Coran explains the history of Voltron and how the one robot was split into five lions.

  • The Green Medusa
    The Green Medusa
    Episode 26
    In this installment, Lotor travels to another planet and decides to capture a grieving female Medusan called Anga. She spends some time in the Arena on Doom and the royals are pleased by what they see: when Anga gets angry, she gets tough (just like the story of Medusa, her hair becomes serpants and her glance turns things to stone). Lotor and the old witch think Anga would make a fine Robeast.moreless
  • My Brother Is a Robeast

    The Royal family from Planet Pollux has made a visit to Planet Doom. Lotor seems to have a particular thing against the planet's prince, Avok. So Avok is sent to the arena where he successfully beats a hideous beast. Infuriated, Lotor challenges the man himself and they get into a heated sword fight. But then Lotor spies Avok's sister Romelle and younger brother Bandor standing on the sidelines. Romelle bears a striking resemblance to Allura. While Lotor is busy gawking at her, Avok disarms him. Lotor concedes defeat and praises Avok's skills. Lotor then forms an alliance with the people of Pollux against Arus. The animosity the ruling family of Pollux has for Arus runs very deep. So deep in fact that Avok agrees to be transformed into a Robeast and assist Lotor in an attack on Arus. Once the Voltron Force learns of this, they head to Pollux hoping to peacefully resolve their differences and avoid war.

  • Zarkon Is Dying
    Episode 19
    Zarkon appears to be dying, and while Haggar prays to the Dark Spirits, Lotor goes to Arus for some berries that are needed to save Zarkon.
  • 9/19/84
    Earth and other planets of Galaxy Garrison are overcrowded. To solve the problem the alliance has sent Stellar Ship Explorer out on a mission to locate new worlds suitable for colonization. While on their mission, Explorer encounters the forces of the Drule Empire who are determined to fight the alliance for control of distant planets. However, the alliance has a secret weapon: Voltron.moreless
  • 10/3/84
    And the obessession over Allura begins for Lotor! He's on Doom, plotting for the first time of many a way to make her all his.
  • The Invisible Robeast
    The gist of this one is implied pretty well by the title - Zarkon and Co. send an invisible Robeast to Arus to take care of the Voltron Force. Coming back in a carriage after a day of picking fruit, Allura, Nanny, Lance and Pidge and some space mice are caught offguard when the invisible Robeast attacks. It overturns their carriage into a nearby lake - luckily, all are able to escape a watery fate. But before Allura can climb out of the lake, the Robeast picks her up and carries her away. After a few well placed laser blasts from Pidge's pistol, the Robeast drops Allura. However, it's not done with them. Hiding near a bluff, they're shocked to find a bolder the Robeast threw barreling toward them. Fortunately, the others at the Castle caught an inkling of what was going on and so the boulder harmlessly ends its journey on the back of Black Lion.moreless
  • Surrender
    Episode 15
    A young girl named Tammy gets separated from her mother, and Pidge does his best to comfort her.
  • The Sand People
    Episode 43
    After being alerted to more Doomite mischief, the Voltron Force fly their Lions to a distant sand planet to prevent its friendly creature inhabitants from becoming unwilling pawns in Haggar's plan to make hundreds of them into Robeasts.
  • 10/29/84
    The Voltron Force men are busy using a huge earth mover to help construct a new stadium where the Space Olympics are to be held on Arus. A few local children are hanging out with them while they work. An amusing scene ensues when the Princess and Nanny burst into the barracks-type lodgings the boys share while Keith is showering.moreless
  • 10/7/84
    When Explorer lands on a newly discovered planet, they discover something very strange: a mysterious fleet of ships that keeps appearing and vanishing at various locations. The Voltron Force launches to pursue the "ghost fleet" while Explorer sits in a large lake. Commander Hawkins soon grows suspicious and believes the planet is hiding a dark secret. Could his suspicions possibly be correct?moreless
  • 11/1/84
    The team are out practicing in the Lions and decide to race back to the Castle. As they go, Blue Lion flies over a mysterious stranger and just as she does so, her Lion goes haywire and she crashes. Depsite the fact that she called in her distress, the boys are clueless until they get back to the Castle and get chewed out by Coran and Nanny. Luckily, they heard her call and have tracked her to the surface of a moon. They witness the stranger help Princess out of her Lion, and quickly take a ship to go rescue her. Pidge seems to think the stranger is an OK guy, but Lance once again has his suspicions. The stranger is ready to humbly exit the scene but the team as well as Coran and Nanny want to thank him and know his name.moreless
  • Princess Joins Up
    Episode 5
    Zarkon sends a powerful warrior to face Voltron, as the Voltron Force tries to rally Allura's people against him, greeting with some resistance. Zarkon attacks the castle, and Allura is determined to join in the fight. Forming the Castle of Lions, she defends the castle and becomes a sixth member of The Voltron Force.moreless
  • Goodbye, New World
    Episode 48
    By use of his sixth sense, Sea Team commander Krik leads Explorer to a strange and mysterious cluster of black holes. A distress signal is soon received from the cluster which prompts Commander Hawkins to send the Sea Team to investigate. Soon the Sea Team finds itself lost in the cluster and, to make matters worse, under attack by a Drule Robeast. The Air and Land teams launch in an attempt to help their comrades, but are they too late?moreless
  • It Takes Real Lions
    It Takes Real Lions
    Episode 28
    On Doom, Lotor is training a menacing new Robeast by having it attack creatures that resemble the Voltron Lions. While back on Arus, the Voltron Force follows up their own rigorous training exercise with a relaxing dip in the lake (This is also where the famous Allura-loses-her-bikini-top scene is located heh heh). Coran and Nanny promptly charge outside and end their fun but not without giving the Princess a lecture about how un-royal it is of her to prance about with barely a stitch of clothing on. Furthermore, they declare she should be doing something more appropriate to her station - like studying.moreless
  • 9/17/84
    With the new castle and the decisive looking defeat in the last episode, some Arusians are finally feeling brave enough to come out from the caves. The Princess has plans to throw a feast in celebration of Arus' apparent liberation.
  • 9/12/84

    Coran and Princess Alura decide to take the newly arrived space explorers (Now known as The Voltron Force.) to the tomb of Allura's father King Alfor to retrieve the keys for the five robotic lions that form Voltron. When they arrive at the tomb Alfor's ghost appears and gives permission for the keys to be removed from his sarcophagus. It is soon discovered that the key to the main Black Lion is missing. Without it, Voltron cannot be formed.

  • A Storm of Meteors
    Episode 9
    Explorer sustains heavy damage from a torrential meteor shower. The damage to the ship is so extensive that every crew member, including the Voltron Force, is needed to repair the damage. Drule Captain Mongo decides to take advantage of the situation and launch a full scale attack on Explorer.
  • Lotor, the King
    Episode 60
    This one picks up where the last one left off, with Voltron flying toward Doom and Lotor preparing to launch his father who is a most unwilling robeast pilot. Lotor is pumping up the morale of his troops, while Romelle and her forces are ready to lend Voltron a hand. She and Sven are prepared to take out Haggar's laboratory, while Lotor has sent out his minions to try to stop her.moreless
  • 11/17/84
    The Land Team is sent to explore a planet that appears to be devoid of any life forms. They soon learn that the planet is occupied by Drules (and has been for some time). The Drules launch an attack, but Commander Hawkins soon realizes that a role reversal has occurred. The alliance are now the invaders.moreless
  • 10/2/84

    King Zarkon berates Commander Yurak for suffering defeat after defeat against Voltron. Zarkon orders his execution, but at that moment Zarkon's son Prince Lotor returns from a mission of conquest in the far galaxy. Lotor assumes command of Yurak's forces vowing to defeat Voltron once and for all. He implores his father to spare Yurak's life because he plans to use him for his next plan of attack. Yurak, desperately wanting to regain Zarkon's favor, agrees to go along with Lotor's plan.

  • 10/31/84
    While Haggar works on her latest Robeast, Zarkon and Lotor are settling a 'difference of opinions' (haha) by having Lotor destroy a few beasts in the Arena. Once Lotor easily disposes of the beasts, he challenges his father to a duel. Things seem to go well for the Prince until he realizes his father got in a much better blow than he did (Lotor's helmet splits and his head bleeds while Zarkon merely suffers damage to his cape thingie - oh and did anyone else catch this animation error? When Lotor charges at his father he lacks a helmet, but as he gets closer to strike suddenly the helmet is on. wtf?). What the Doomite royalty will stoop to for power!moreless
  • 9/28/84
    Seeing a vision of a white lion, Allura is compelled to follow it. She follows the creature to a waterfall, believing it is her father reincarnated.
  • 9/10/84

    Keith, Lance, Sven, Hunk and Pidge arrive to find Planet Arus in ruins. They are captured by King Zarkon's forces, commanded by the arrogant Commander Yurak, and taken to Planet Doom, but manage to escape.

  • 9/18/84
    It would seem an intruder has gotten in the castle, but it's not until after Pidge attacks the intruder that they learn it's really the Princess' governess who has returned.
  • A Pretty Spy
    Episode 12
    Hunk finds a young, injured girl with one of Zarkon's slave tatoos on her arm. Determining that she's alive, he takes her back to the Castle to get medical help.
  • The Buried Castle
    The Buried Castle
    Episode 27
    Three Arusian children are wandering the forest when they come upon a castle in its midst. In the Castle of Lions, this mysterious new castle doesn't go unnoticed. Pidge is sent out to investigate. Finding the children, they all decide to go in the castle to look for treasure. Little do they know, the castle is a trap set by Haggar. Pidge and the kids end up trapped upsidedown inside the bell in the castle's bellfry.moreless
  • Bad Birthday Party
    Episode 21
    On planet Nemon, Zarkon is set to celebrate his birthday as hosted by his nephew, Tabor.
  • 11/16/84
    Instead of your typical Robeast, this time Haggar and Lotor have cooked up an elite fighting force of robots they call the Red Berets. Even Zarkon is impressed with their fighting style when he sees them in action at the Arena. The force of about 5 Berets is launched to Arus with a Robeast overnight.moreless
  • 11/8/84
    The opening scene here is classic. Zarkon is drinking a glass of wine but decides to hurl the goblet at Lotor, which cracks him squarely in the forehead. The reason for violence? Zarkon is disgusted at his son's efforts to take over Arus. When Lotor whines about Voltron always mucking up his plans, Zarkon advises him to find a weakness in Voltron's armor. Enter Haggar with her latest Robeast which is designed to fight best underwater - where Voltron is weakest. When Lotor wonders how they'll trick Voltron into fighting in water, Haggar produces a tank of 'mini-robeasts' that resemble tadpoles.moreless
  • Final Victory
    Episode 61
    The last episode in season one finds the Lions trying to penetrate Castle Dooms defenses with a little help from Romelle's crew of rebels on the ground. Coran also decides it's time to lend a hand, so he flies the Castle of Lions to Doom to level the playing field.