Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Season 2

(ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • A Temporary Truce
    Episode 1
    While flying a series of training exercises, a young Drule fighter pilot named Xandu collides his fighter with two robot ships and crash lands on a planet Galaxy Garrison is using as an outpost. Xandu is brought to Explorer and nursed back to health. Commander Hawkins decides not to treat Xandu as a prisoner but rather as a friend in the hopes that Xandu's time on Explorer will be a ray of hope for peace between the alliance and the Drules. Jeff and the Voltron force make efforts to build a friendship with Xandu. However, Shannon, a member of the Sea Team, has a brother who is currently being held by the Drules as a POW. Shannon has no intentions of being friends with somebody he consideres the enemy. Meanwhile, the Drules begin to suspect Xandu is a traitor and make plans to execute him for supposed treason.moreless
  • Wolo's Lost World
    Episode 2
    While the Voltron Force is exploring forest land on a deserted planet, Air Team member Wolo is reminded of a traumatic incident during his childhood. Wolo's life was saved by his older brother, but in the process Wolo's brother was seriously injured. When a sudden earthquake strikes the planet, Wolo must gather the courage to save himself, as well as the Voltron Force (Who have just come under attack by the Drules). However, can Wolo do this without the help of his brother?moreless
  • Who's on First?
    Episode 3
    Commander Hawkins and Drule Captain Mongo manage to establish a fragile peace treaty. However Galaxy Garrison is causing problems which could derail the treaty. An Alliance commander refuses to leave a planet that is in Drule territory unless so ordered by the Alliance. Back on Earth debates on whether to withdraw from the planet drag on. Commander Hawkins and the Voltron Force try to convince the Alliance Commander to leave. If he does not the peace will be violated and fighting could erupt again.moreless
  • 12/19/84
    Retiring Colonel Cross establishes a new Alliance supply base. Drule Captain Nerok launches a brutal attack on the base. The Alliance's attempts to defend the base are easily overpowered by the superior fighting force of the Drules. The Alliance pleads with Colonel Cross to contact Explorer and request Voltron, but Cross' pride gets in the way and he foolishly refuses. However Sea Team commander Krik senses something is wrong at the supply base and advises Jeff and Commander Hawkins. The Voltron Force rushes to help but are attacked by a powerful Drule Robeast which causes Jeff's ship to crash knocking Jeff unconscious. The force forms Voltron without a head, but will an incomplete Voltron stop the merciless Robeast?moreless
  • 12/20/84
    Hazar has been stripped of his authority by the Empire due to his refusal to fight and instead pursue hopes of peace with Galaxy Garrison. Captain Mongo is ordered by his new commanders to launch an attack against the Alliance. Mongo reluctantly obeys his orders, but feels he has betrayed his former Commander and trusted friend.moreless
  • Letters from Home
    Episode 6
    Chip, of the Vehicle Voltron Force, becomes worried when he doesn't receive a letter from his brother, Pidge, of the Lion Voltron Force.
  • 12/24/84
    Explorer receives a distress signal from planet Itlon. The Voltron Force goes to the planet to investigate. They find Drule Captain Nerok and his fleet sitting in an electrical storm. Is Nerok and his fleet in trouble, or is he setting a trap for the Alliance?
  • A Curious Comet
    Episode 8
    A strange and mysterious comet passes very close to Earth. The comet emits a form of radiation which apparently effects Alliance General Steel, who orders an attack on the Drule Empire. However the comet is no stranger to the Drules. They are aware of the comet and it's radiation. They foresaw what General Steel has ordered and are preparing a counterattack.moreless
  • Hazar Is Demoted
    Episode 9
    Drule Supreme Commander Hazar returns to planet Drule hoping to convince the high command to negotiate a peace treaty with Galaxy Garrison. Hazar's father and sister try to support him, but the general population of planet Drule turns against Hazar. The high command then sends him into exile on planet Dreska.moreless
  • 12/27/84
    Explorer lands on a newly discovered planet for repairs and some much needed shore leave. While the Voltron Force is on the planet surface, the Drules launch an attack. During the chaos Krik and Cinda become separated from the rest of the Voltron Force and therefore, Voltron cannot be formed. All seems lost for Explorer until they get help from an old friend.moreless
  • 12/28/84
    After the destruction of an Alliance supply base by the Drules, Commander Hawkins contacts Galaxy Garrison and requests urgently needed supplies. At Garrison headquarters, Captain Newley and Commander Steele make the case for the resupply effort, but there is opposition. The decision whether or not to send supplies to Explorer is in the hands of Space Marshal Graham. Will he authorize supplies to be sent? If not, Explorer will be forced to abandon it's mission.moreless
  • The Planet Trap
    Episode 12
    The Land Team is sent out to search a newly discovered planet that the Alliance believe the Drules wish to colonize. Cliff and the team land their ships and Explore the planet on foot. They soon find the planet's air is very thin. Cliff, Cinda and Hutch soon pass out due to insufficent levels of oxygen. Explorer begins a rescue mission. The Drules, hoping to take advantage of The Voltron Force that can't form Voltron, launch an attack.moreless
  • 1/1/85
    This time, the Voltron Force is on the offensive. Commander Hawkins sends Voltron to attack a Drule command base. However the base is well protected by an asteroid belt. In addition to that, the Drules have mined the belt. As Voltron heads for the trap, he is cut off by a Drule attack force that has defied Drule Commander Kezor's orders and attacks. Voltron charges into battle.moreless
  • 1/2/85
    Jeff and the Air Team are on routine patrol near Planet Eldora. The people of Eldora mistake the Air Team for the Drules and attack. The Air Team lands on Eldora and try to convince the Eldorans, all women (Their men were taken prisoner by the Drules), that they are not the Drules and their intentions are peaceful. Jeff is soon taken prisoner. The Drules learn of Jeff's predicament and launch an attack against the fragmented Voltron Force. Can Jeff escape in order to rejoin the Voltron Force and stop the Drules?moreless
  • A Man-made Sun
    Episode 15
    Galaxy Garrison launches an attack against the facility where the Drules produce their dangerous Robeasts. Jeff and the Voltron Force enter the facility and easily fight off the Drule forces in an attempt to destroy the production facility's power supply. However Drule Marshall Keezor refuses to give up without a fight and sets a trap for the Voltron Force.moreless
  • Just Like Earth
    Episode 16
    Explorer receives a distress signal from an unexplored planet. Jeff and the Air Team go to investigate. The Air Team discovers that the atmosphere of the planet contains an energy pulse that drains the power of all of their ships. Disabled and cut off from Explorer, the Air Team soon finds themselves ambushed by Drule Commander Zabar and his deadly squadron of fighters (and a Robeast as well). The distress signal was a fake. Sent by the Drules to lure the Air Team into a trap. Commander Hawkins desparately tries to help, but how could Explorer get to the planet surface without becoming disabled like the Air Team?moreless
  • The Red Moon People
    Episode 17
    While the Air Team is exploring a newly discovered planet, they are captured by a tribe of survivors from the devestated Planet of the Red Moon. The tribe subjects Jeff to a harsh interrogation. While the Land and Sea Teams search for their comrades, they are attacked by a Drule fighting force lead by the female Captain Twyla. With Air Team captured, Voltron can't be formed.moreless
  • 1/9/85
    Explorer prepares for a joint exploration of Planet Nesto with the Drules. Hazar sends Captain Twyla to lead the Drule exploration force. Twyla consorts with Commander Borgam in a plan to disobey Hazar and attack the Alliance. As Twyla sets up an ambush, her ship crashes and she is injured. She is taken to Explorer for medical treatment. In a panic Twyla's second in command, Captain Bardo, orders a full scale attack on the Alliance forces.moreless
  • 1/11/85
    Explorer lands on Planet Dema for some much needed shore leave. Commander Hawkins is oblivious to the fact that Dema is a Drule slave base. The Drules launch a major offensive against the Alliance. During the battle, the slaves of Planet Dema take advantage of the distracted Drules and revolt against their captors. Can the Voltron Force defeat the Drule fleet and protect the slaves?moreless
  • 1/14/85
    The Voltron Force and the crew of Explorer are exhausted from working around the clock for days on end. Jeff tries to convince Commander Hawkins and Captain Newley to grant shore leave to the crew on nearby Planet Nonus. Newley and Hawkins decline, preferring to wait until Explorer meets with a supply fleet that is en route, but soon change their minds. However, the shore leave is over quickly as Drule Commander Zabar attacks Explorer and Captain Mongo attacks the Alliance supply fleet.moreless
  • 1/15/85
    The Drules are at a stalemate as Supreme Commander Hazar and Chancellor Mordox endlessly debate whether peace with Galaxy Garrison or full scale war is the proper course of action. Meanwhile, Commander Steele contacts Explorer with news that shocks the entire crew: Captain Newley is being transferred to Galaxy Garrison headquarters.moreless
  • What's on First
    Episode 22
    In what is hoped to be a new beginning, the Alliance and the Drules begin a joint exploration of Planet Zay arranged by Commander Hawkins and Drule Supreme Commander Hazar. The exploration goes well at first. The Drules, under the command of Captain Gorvan, seem to welcome working with the Voltron Force rather than against it. However, the belligerent Nerok contacts Gorvan and tells him that Hazar has been demoted and that he is now in command. He orders Gorvan to abandon the exploration and attack. Gorvan has no choice but to obey the orders of his new superior.moreless
  • 1/17/85
    Both Explorer and the Drules take an interest in planet Neb. Explorer arrives first and the Voltron Force begins to survey the planet. The Voltron Force finds that Neb is devoid of intelligent life. However they also find the remains of an ancient civilization, indicating that the planet was one populated. It is soon determined that the planet is slowly on the path of destruction making it unsuitable for colonization. Hazar orders his belligerent Captain Nerok to stand down. Hazar contacts his father Chancellor Mozak and learns the Drule home planet will soon destroy itself. Therefore making the discovery of a new home planet all the more essential. Mozak warns against attacking Earth because a war with the alliance is a war the Drules can't win.moreless
  • Nerok Scores Big
    Episode 24
    Dissatisfied with what they feel is a lack of progress, the Drule Supreme Council decides to remove Supreme Commander Hazar from his position and replace him with Marshal Keezor. Keezor immediately orders Captain Mongo to attack an alliance supply fleet and Commander Nerok to attack Explorer. Mongo is sad to go against his good friend Hazar's wishes (Nerok could not be happier to do so.), but he obeys his new commander.moreless
  • 1/21/85
    The Drules learn that Voltron's energy supply system is disabled. Knowing that Voltron is out of the picture indefinitely, the Drules launch their largest and most deadly offensive: an attack on Planet Earth.
  • 1/24/85
    Hazar continues to attempt to convince the Drule Supreme Council to begin peace negotiations with Galaxy Garrison. The Council decides to set another trap for Explorer and the Voltron Force under the guise of peace negotiations.
  • 1/25/85
    Despite being demoted, Hazar still has some influence on the Drule Supreme Council. Hazar and his sister Dorma continue to push for peace negotiations with Galaxy Garrison. Drule Commander Borgam agrees and contacts Commander Hawkins in order to set up a meeting. The two leaders meet on an uninhabited planet. However, Borgam having never had any intentions of peace, launches an attack on the Alliance. With the Air and Land teams trapped deep below the planet surface, how will Krik and the Sea Team find them and form Voltron?moreless
  • 1/29/85
    The Voltron Force explores a planet they believe may be the Drule homeworld. A Drule science team, lead by Captain Garo, sees the Voltron Force and quickly evacuates. In their haste to leave the Drule team left behind a large amount of data they collected. The data is taken to Explorer for analysis. Meanwhile, Drule Commander Borgam tries to convince Hazar and his sister Dorma to retake the planet by force. Hazar refuses hoping to negotiate. Drule Captain Balen, angered at Hazar for refusing to fight, defies orders and launches an attack.moreless
  • Whose World Is It?
    Episode 29
    The Drules and the Alliance forces are in a standoff. The Alliance continues to analyze the data the Drules left behind while Captain Newly is en route with a support fleet. On Planet Drule Hazar and Dorma still make efforts for peace and order Drule Captain Balen not to attack the alliance forces. However Balen will not hear of peace and attacks. Commander Hawkins and Captain Newly request a meeting with Hazar to begin peace talks.moreless
  • 1/31/85
    The Voltron Force begins exploration of Planet 71. While surveying the planet the Land Team encounters a young boy who is befriended by a fawn and the fawn's father, a large white buck. The boy leads the team back to his village and his tribe, who happen to be more survivors of the Planet of the Red Moon. After peaceful contact is made, the Alliance learns a Drule attack fleet is en route to the planet. The Voltron Force prepares for battle.moreless
  • 2/1/85
    With Explorer occupied making repairs, Drule Commander Nerok attacks Galaxy Garrison's space station. The space station, under the command of Commander Carver, holds off the Drules for as long as possible, but a Drule Robeast makes its way into the station intent on destroying the station's power supply. Commander Hawkins and the Voltron Force rush to complete repairs to Explorer and get to the station before it's too late.moreless
  • 2/4/85
    The Alliance scores a major victory when they destroy a Drule supply base and take a number of prisoners. Commander Hawkins, Jeff, Cliff and Krik meet with the highest ranking Drule prisoner Lieutenant Antor and establish peaceful conditions for the prisoners. The prisoners see Alliance crew members playing football and ask to join in the game. Commander Hawkins hopes the game will be a ray of hope for peace. Meanwhile Drule Commander Borgam tries to convince Hazar to retake the supply base by force. Hazar refuses. Drule Captain Danton defies Hazar's orders and launches an brutal attack not just on the Alliance, but the Drule prisoners as well.moreless
  • 2/5/85
    Commander Hawkins and Captain Newley meet with Drule Commander Hazar to discuss who will be given posession of a newly discovered planet. Captain Newley tells Hazar the Drules can have the planet if they agree to disarm. Hazar relays the terms to Supreme Commander Throk, who considers the terms suspicious and therefore rejects them. He orders Hazar to attack, but Hazar withdraws instead because he has learned that the planet is inhabited by a tribe of primative humans. Throk then gives the attack orders to Captain Baylenmoreless
  • Frozen Assets
    Episode 34
    For refusing to fight the Alliance, Commander Hazar has been stripped of his command and replaced by Captain Borgam. The Drules soon learn that the Air Team of the Voltron Force is exploring the remote ice planet known as Planet 10. The Drules send an attack fleet to the planet and set a trap by having the ships appear on the planet surface as long abandoned ghost ships. Jeff, Wolo and Rocky find the ships and venture into one of them where they are captured by the Drules. A Drule Robeast soon attacks. Chip and Ginger try their best to fight the Robeast themselves, but they can't do it alone and without Jeff, Wolo and Rocky, there is no hope of forming Voltron.moreless
  • Coconuts
    Episode 35
    Commander Hazar returns to Planet Drule to face a court martial. Hazar's sister Dorma tries in vain to convince him to go underground and join a rebellion against the Drule Supreme Council. As Explorer heads to Planet Aloha, where the Alliance has an outpost, Jeff heads to the planet to gather up coconuts for the crew of Explorer. Shortly after he arrives Drule Captain Zuka blocks the Alliance communications and attacks with a squadron of burtal fighters. Jeff tries to help two wounded Alliance technicians and also desparately tries to contact Explorer and the rest of the Voltron Force for help.moreless
  • 2/8/85
    The people of Planet Drule have evacuated to another planet. As part of a scheme to capture the new planet from it's rebellious people, Drule Emperor Zeppo contacts Explorer asking to meet for peace negotiations on a distant planet. Explorer doesn't realize that a trap has been set for them as Captain Borgam waits on the planet with a fighter squadron to keep Voltron away from the new Drule homeworld so Zeppo's forces can sieze control. During the battle the Voltron Force manages to capture secret documents from a Drule command base on the planet.moreless
  • Color Me Invisible
    Episode 37
    The Alliance finds a map left behind at a Drule outpost. The map is of an ice planet named Altus. Believing Altus may be home to the Underground Rebel Force (URF), a faction of Drules who have rebelled against the Drule Supreme Council, Commander Hawkins requests permission to explore the planet from Space Marshall Graham, which is granted. However, the map was left behind intentionally as part of Drule Supreme Commander Throk's plan to trap the Voltron Force in a remote chamber of ice on Altus. Throk also sends Captain Garo and his fleet of invisible fighters to attack Explorer. Elsewhere, Hazar's sister Dorma is kidnapped by the URF in an attempt to convince her to join the rebellion and help free her imprisoned brother.moreless
  • Time Running Out
    Episode 38
    As Planet Drule nears destruction, the Drule Supreme Council meets to discuss the Underground Rebel Force (URF). Hazar's father, Chancellor Mozak, is sympathetic to the URF, but Supreme Commander Throk disagrees saying the URF is an ally to Galaxy Garrison. Throk sends Captain Laro and his fleet to attack the Voltron Force. As the battle ensues Laro releases the Drules' newest weapon: magnetic mines. One soon latches on to Air Team member Ginger's ship which soon detonates damaging the ship and seriously injuring Ginger. The Drules release a Robeast. With Ginger hurt, the rest of the Force can't form Voltron.moreless
  • 2/13/85
    Galaxy Garrison begins an all out assault on the Drule home planet. Their first obstacle is an asteroid belt around Planet Drule where Supreme Commander Throk has a command base situated. The fleet easily defeats the Drule forces opposing them. However, they can't continue to the base. Therefore the Voltron Force has to destroy the base alone. Throk prepares to confront the advancing Voltron with a Robeast.moreless
  • 2/14/85
    Explorer and Voltron arrive on Planet Drule to help the citizens of the planet in their revolt against the Drule Supreme Council. Professor Page tells Commander Hawkins and Captain Newley that the Planet will explode. The Underground Rebel Force (URF) manages to free Hazar with the help of his sister Dorma. Supreme Commander Throk refuses to surrender and continues fighting. When Voltron lands on the planet, Throk sends not one, but three Robeasts to intercept.moreless
  • 2/15/85
    The Voltron Force continues to make its way to the main headquarters of the Drule Supreme Council fighting off the remainder of Supreme Commander Throk's forces. Facing eminent defeat, Emperor Zeppo calls the last remaining Council members who urge him to surrender. Hazar soon arrives and assumes command from Zeppo who goes into exile. Dorma tells Hazar he is the new emperor, but Hazar decides that the Drule leaders will be elected by the people.moreless
  • 2/18/85
    The war is over. Emperor Zeppo and his tyranical war council are in exile. However, there is no time to celebrate. Hazar, his sister Dorma and Chancellor Mozak, Hazar and Dorma's father, beg the Alliance for help in evacuating Planet Drule which will soon explode. Commander Hawkins and Captain Newley take as many Drule citizens as their ships can hold, but they need help from Galaxy Garrison to complete the evacuation. A fleet is en route, but will it get there before Planet Drule's destruction?moreless
  • In the Enemy Camp
    Episode 43
    As the Alliance builds a temporary supply base on a planet in Drule territory, Drule Supreme Commander Hazar sends his friend Captain Mongo to meet with Commander Hawkins in order to begin peace negotiations. To show he trusts Mongo, Hawkins goes to Mongo's ship alone. This gesture gives Mongo renewed optimism for peace. However, as negotiations progress, Drule Commander Brak, who is sternly opposed to the peace talks, launches an attack on the Alliance supply base.moreless