Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 13

Secret of the White Lion

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Haggar has a plan involving a white lion that involves the Princess. In a dream, Allura is attacked by one of Zarkon's thugs and then her mother appears to her. As her mother fades away, Allura awakes feeling more alone than ever. Seeing a vision of a white lion, Allura is compelled to follow it. She follows the creature to a waterfall, believing it is her father reincarnated.

When nanny discovers the Princess is missing, the team jumps into action to find her. Lance finds her first, but she won't let him harm the white lion. The white lion snares Lance in a magical web, and soon all but Keith follow suit. Finally, the lion moves on the Princess, who faints. Allura awakes tied to a cross, with the others bound to stakes beside her. The lion, now transformed by Haggar into a beast with a lion's head, is prepared to execute The Voltron force with a katana. Luckily, Keith blasts the sword away before the beast can strike. The creature pursues Keith, so who will rescue the others?

In comes the Blue Lion, piloted by Coran and a hysterical Nanny. Nanny accidently bumps a lever that causes Blue Lion to release a torrent of water, the flood swept Haggar and her cat away but it looks like the Princess might drown. Fortunately, Keith gets away from the lion-beast long enough to dive into the flood and cut Allura free. Their happy reunion is short-lived, as Yurak arrives to energize the lion-beast into a full fledged Robeast.

Allura is temporarily tripped up, seeing her mother's face in the Robeast. But with the help of the team, she snaps out of it, Voltron is formed, and Robeast promptly destroyed. It ends with Allura standing before a memorial for her parents

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