Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 24

Short Run of the Centipede Express

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1984 on

Episode Recap

A Mouran slave named Haran discovers the unconcious bodies of the soldiers just as Lotor appears looking for some slaves to smack around. Haran saves his hide by pointing out the unconscious guards. He even helps the Doomites find Keith and Lance. Though they don't catch the VF members, they do find the explosives. And for that, Lotor bestows the 'honor' on Haran to test fire the Ion gun at the unveiling ceremony the next day - by firing it on Arus. Haran agrees in exchange for freedom for his people.

Leaving Lotor's chambers, Haran is accosted by Keith and Lance and they try to talk some sense into the slave. They seem to fail to get through to the young man, as his response is to call out the guards on them. They have no choice but to flee and hope their words had some effect on Haran.

After returning to Voltron, Keith decides to take him down to Moura to confront Lotor and the gun directly. Haran had Voltron in the Ion gun's sites with Lotor urging him to blow the robot to smithereens. At the last second, he turns the gun to blast Zarkon's incoming Centipede Express instead. Zarkon and Haggar flee the ship, but it still holds a surprise for Voltron by transforming into a Robeast.

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