Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 58

Summit Meeting

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1984 on

Episode Recap

He then explains how Zarkon is a rogue leader even among the Drules, hence he operates pretty much on his own. The idea to send a support fleet is nixed with Steele hoping the united front all the galaxy leaders can put forth will be enough to finally beat back Zarkon. At the Castle of Lions, the meeting is getting underway with Allura presiding. Some familiar faces are there too, including Prince Bandor of Pollux as well as Keith, who is representing the Alliance in this I suppose. Coran does all the introductions, and then goes into the obvious - about what a threat Zarkon is and that the threat is only growing.
A few leaders are wary of full scale war, but Allura seems to think just a united front will make Zarkon reconsider his bullying ways. Later that evening, Keith and the others are worried that Zarkon may be tempted to attack now that all the galaxy leaders are in one area. Hunk would like to hit Zarkon before he hits them, but because Voltron is a Defender, Coran pushes aside the idea of being the aggressor. Then Coran really drops a bomb on the team - because he promised Alfor he'd protect the Princess with his life, he fears she's in greater danger than ever and wants to take her place on the team. The Voltron Force balks at this (luckily, the Princess isn't around to hear how she's being usurped lol), which must make Coran feel great. But really...imagine him in that pink uniform, flying the blue lion. No way, indeed.
However, the team does like the idea of finally finding a proper replacement for Sven, both out of concern for Allura and the fact that they figure being monarch to a world is task enough. After the others leave, Keith and Coran discuss their worst fears...that Zarkon may have devised a way to destroy Voltron or Allura falling into Lotor's hands. Coran even entertains the idea of making an excuse as to why Allura should leave Arus altogether, but Keith knows she wouldn't buy it. What it boils down to is they have no choice but to stay and fight Zarkon.
Meanwhile, we get to see the Drules (in one of their rare LV appearances) have their own summit meeting. Keezor, Hazar and the rest of the high council gang discuss Zarkon. It seems that indeed Zarkon has been operating more or less independantly of the Drule Empire, but now he's made a request of them - he wants them to send a support fleet to help him crush Arus. However, Hazar says no given Zarkon has never bothered to help them find a new world to replace their dying planet. Rather, anything Zarkon plunders ends up being a slave planet, so Hazar figures Zarkon can have his slaves fight his battles. De-nied!
Back on Doom, Zarkon isn't too concerned about the Drule's decision, and presses on with his plans to disrupt the summit meeting on Arus. Lotor voices his hopes that Arus will merely surrender so they don't have to destroy Voltron, citing the robot's usefulness to Doom. Zarkon sees through this as more of Lotor's obsession with the Princess. At any rate, Zarkon's plan is to ambush the meeting during a celebration going on later that day. Haggar devised a decoy ship to replace one that was expected to arrive, and on board they have replaced the real Ambassador and his crew with their own robots. The ship is blown up, with those in attendance believing the real Ambassador was murdered before their eyes. Zarkon's hope is the example set there will cause the rest to bend to his will. Lotor still wants one more chance to talk to the Princess before Zarkon sabotages Voltron. At first, Zarkon amusingly insults Lotor to let him know the answer is "no", but Haggar thinks it's harmless to let him try - she reasons, their plan will go forward no matter what Lotor's outcome is. Lotor gets the green light to try to nab the Princess one last time.
On Arus, the VF are gearing up to search space, hoping to figure out what Zarkon is up to. Before they take off, Keith pulls Allura aside to make sure that she really wants to pilot Blue Lion given the threats Zarkon has made against Voltron, knowing her people need her. But Allura insists her place with the team is equally important. Satisfied with that, Keith tells her to get into the Black Lion to further her training on that front. Right away, something is amissed - black lion won't launch and Allura immediately thinks of sabotage. She gets the the lion to work, but it's wildly out of control and she only succeeds in beating up both the lion and herself. She's knocked unconscious, and after a horrible nightmare about Voltron's demise, she awakes in her own bed. Shortly afterward, the ghost of her father appears to impart timely information. He urges her to run and survive for the sake of Arus, for Lotor is coming for her. She freaks out, running out the Castle in the middle of the night. Of course, Keith spots her leaving. And of course, Lotor is lurking in the woods where she fled and makes a proposition - be his queen and her people go free. Yeah, right!
Keith shows up just in time, telling the Princess to run while he fends off Lotor. Lotor slices Keith with his laser sword across the chest, but he still manages to save the Princess from Haggar's cat (why she just didn't punt that pest out of the way is beyond me lol).
Back on Doom, Zarkon is pissed Lotor had Keith at his mercy and didn't finish him off (really! What's up with that?). His excuse? Palace guards were coming, or so he thought. Lotor seems confident Keith is too hurt to pilot his lion, so he's still darn proud of himself. While Keith is still reeling from laser shock, Lotor attacks again, this time with a robeast in tow. While the others are discussing whether or not 4 lions can take on a robeast or if they should just give in, Allura races off to the Black Lion, thinking it alone can best Lotor's robeast. What the hell has she been smoking anyway? lol!
She gets her butt kicked of course, while the boys - including a stoic Keith - launch to rescue her. They form Voltron (with a cute "and I'll form the head this time" from Princess hehe!). The battle with the robeast is good, but I'm sure we all know how it ends, starting with "form blazing sword!"

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