Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 9

Take a Robot to Lunch

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Meanwhile, a techie from Caspia is landing on Arus. The caslte crew go out to meet "him" only to find this great techie, or scientist, is a woman named Mary Ann. One Coran apparently knows and has worked with before. He begs her to work with them again, but she refuses.

She's bitter that Zarkon's forces stole her last special robot. Hunk explodes in anger and promises to get it back, but that only annoys Mary Ann who has decided to give up science - she's tired of the senseless violence. Hunk's reaction only solidifies her feelings on the matter. Mary Ann explains further about how she is there at that Arusian monument to remember the carnage there - a place that used to be her home. Hunk urges her not to give up science even if she is against war. She goes back to Caspia anyway. As she lifts off, the mice notice Coba lurking around and warn Allura.

They immediately suspect Mary Ann will be in danger, and launch in the Lions to make sure her trip is safe. Sure enough, Doom ships attack before they get there to protect her, and she refuses to fight back - so strong is her anti-violence stance. She's in Haggar's clutches when the Lions arrive to help by blasting the Doom ships.

During the battle, Mary Ann cuts out and slinks off to Caspia. Apparently, she's still not a fan of kicking ass and taking names, even if it did save her hide.

On Caspia, she stumbles upon the place where the Doomites are testing her modified robot. She's starting to realize that fighting back is sometimes necessary, and scurries off to her lab to build a new one to replace her old one, just as Hunk had suggested.

The Voltron Force arrive and do some snooping to try to find Mary Ann. They find her lab, but it's empty. That's because she's out with her robot, which promptly blows away the old one and sends out a signal that controls the doom robots.

Cossack has to slink back to Lotor with this news. In the meantime, Mary Ann is being chased by different doom bots. Pidge arrives to save her just in time. She runs off to get Keith, and is suprised to find he knows how to patch up her wounds. Violent guys don't know how to heal, you know. Unfortunately, Hunk didn't arrive to help Pidge in time and now he's a hostage. Haggar won't give him back unless the team gives up Mary Ann. She planned to valiantly give herself up but passes out in Keith's arms first - the wound gave her a fever.

Keith has the medical knowledge to heal Mary Ann quickly, and once she awakes, she's off to offer herself for Pidge's safety. The others can't stop her and simply follow.

During the exchange, Haggar amuses with lines such as I'm never fair, it gives me a rash. Her robot manages to save both her and Pidge, but Haggar has a surprise of her own - a robeast.

This robeast puts on a pretty light show that hypnotizes Voltron's pilots. Only Allura manages to not fall completely under its spell and manages to get a leg up - literally - to kick the robeast back.

The others snap out of it just in time to wise up, though Allura is the only one who has the right visor to keep her eyes open. So she has to form the blazing sword and be the teams eyes to dispatch the beast. In the end, Mary Ann and her robot return to Arus.