Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 19

The Alliance Strikes Back!

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1985 on

Episode Recap

With nothing but a group of skull tanks, Lotor is holding Voltron at bay. Zarkon doesn't like this development, so he comes in with an attack on Voltron of his own. Afterward, with Voltron trapped in place, Zarkon shows Lotor how he is controlling things via his sceptor. Furthermore, Zarkon takes over the command ship and steers it toward Voltron on a crash course actually hoping the collision destroys them both.

Haggar tries to get Zarkon to stop on behalf of Lotor, but recants when Zarkon threatens to have her join in Lotor's fate. But then Merla shows up and tries to speak to Zarkon telepathically, but it doesn't work much to her frustration.

Merla then sets off in some sort of pegasus shaped ship and cuts Voltron's bindings before Lotor can crash into him, effectively saving them both. Voltron uses his last bit of power to destroy the remaining tanks. Merla, in the meantime, ponders who saving Lotor made her feel. Unlike all the planets she'd conquered in her lifetime, this is the first time she'd felt true happiness and a sense of satisfaction. Zarkon, however, is infuriated by her actions. Lotor's ship still crash lands, and his own robots take him hostage so his troubles aren't over yet.

Merla tries to save Lotor from being taken prisoner but is shot down. Lotor is taken and bound to a tree where he can't seem to barter or weasle his way out of a cruel fate as a snack for vultures. Zarkon shows up to personally to admonish Lotor in front of his subjects. He is left to the vultures.

Meanwhile, the VF come out of their lion ships and wonder who was in that horse ship that saved them. Pidge knows he'd heard of such a vessel before but can't quite remember who it belonged to. Then, Merla shows up and that puts the team on edge. That is, until she explains her change of heart and pleads with them to help out Lotor. At first the team is leary, but then Pidge remembered the horse ship belonged to Merla and so she must have saved them. It is then that they decide to help her in return. Lotor is rescued but they're found out by Zarkon's robots. The VF fight them off so Merla can help Lotor escape. But before they can reach her star cutter in the horse ship, Zarkon shoots it down. Merla's own robot minions manage to save her, though Lotor goes down with the ship. He does survive.

Her telepathy seems to still work when it comes to Lotor, though he has doubts about whether he can turn over a new leaf and be good. Meanwhile, Haggar dishes out some trouble for the fleeing VF in the form of a giant fish robot. They do manage to make it to Voltron and lift off - guess he must have recharged his batteries, eh? He eventually whips the robeast and takes out a base on Doom, but must return to Arus for repairs. Zarkon vows to be ready for him when he returns.