Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 22

The Deadly Flowers

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Meanwhile, Zarkon and his crew are snickering about the secret the blooms hold. It's not too much longer before Arusians start dropping - of course, in the American version, they're not deemed 'dead' but rather just deathly ill.

Just before Allura herself falls ill, it is learned that the only cure lie with the roses of Planet Lyra, a nearby planet. Since the roses are found in the water, Lance sets off in Blue Lion to fetch some. Lotor and Haggar expect as much and are waiting for him there.

Lance encounters hostile natives first. Their leader, Farla, has Lance captured and taken to Lotor. Lotor has some fun smacking around a bound Lance until the resourceful captive frees himself. A lengthy sword duel followed, ending when Lotor forced Lance over a wall. He tumbled down into a raging river and left for dead. Looks like WEP also cut out a part where Lotor coldly finishes off the local leader he was conspiring with.

Lance reached Blue Lion in the meantime, no worse for wear. When Farla gets hurt in the next battle, Lance leaps out of his Lion to help her. Sympathizing with him, she hands over a bag of seeds to the rose.

On Arus, a Robeast has been sent to attack the Castle. Depsite her illness, Allura gets out of bed to help in the Red Lion. Things look grim until Lance returns. I'm sure you can guess the rest ;) Oh, and Lance gets a smooch from Allura at the end for his bravery. And when Pidge requests similar compensation, he's told to close his eyes thereby mistaking multiple mouse kisses with affection from Allura.

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