Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 35

The Invisible Robeast

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Displeased with the turn of events, Lotor super-sizes the Robeast and it goes on a village smashing spree. Of course, the Lions are dispatched to handle the problem though Allura stays behind.

This proves a problem when the Robeast ventures into the Castle mote and tries to destroy the unmanned Blue Lion. Allura finally decides she's gotta get in the fray only to have her Lion quickly snatched up by the Robeast with her in it. It takes a lot of skill and tons of scanner use, but Keith finally locks in on the Robeast. He's now confident enough to blast it, which succeeds in freeing Allura. The only downside was she crashed and was knocked out for a moment (they really need safety harnesses in those Lions!).

However, once Voltron is formed the Robeast is history.

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