Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 7

The Lion Has New Claws

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1984 on
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It would seem an intruder has gotten in the castle, but it's not until after Pidge attacks the intruder that they learn it's really the Princess' governess who has returned.

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  • First appearance of Royal Governess Nanny after hearing Voltron is back. Nanny wants to teach the group proper manners but Pidge says no way. Princess starts to train in the blue lion but has a lot to learn.moreless

    Nanny does not want the princess to train as a pilot. She even threatens the group with a spear which the gang dodges. Keith starts to help princess by making sure she does not crash right away. The priness passes out but wakes up to try again but Nanny spanks her in front of the group. Hagar attacks with her lastest robeast. The robeast threatens a small town. The princess decides to try and help and gets tied up by Corain. Meanwhile the Voltron group of four try and defeat the robeast with a "piggyback" attack and then try to pile on it with no luck. The princess gets freed by Cheesy and the other mice. She pilots blue lion again and forms Voltron with the others. Voltron forms blazing sword and dices the robeast. Nanny tries to get princess to promise never to pilot again but she says no and gets a gang hug from the rest of the force.moreless
  • Princess Allura decides to replace Sven and be pilot of the blue lion.

    An intruder approches the kingdom.While Keith,Pidge and Lance thinks that its an intruder that is trying to traspass the castle.After Pidge attacked this mysterous intruder they learn its the princess nanny than the alarm sounds again and what they find out that someone is piloting the blue lion.Lance,Pidge,and Keith went to help the princess out.Keith begin to teach Allura how to land.After resting in bed Princess Allura wants to try again for her duty to protect her planet.The nanny decided to search through town to see if anyone wants to pilot the blue lion.However she can't do it nor she is allow to.She end up tie up in order to prevent her from going.So after being free the princess joins the fight.With her help they were able to form Voltron.Even though Nanny disapprove of this now Princess Allura is part of the team.

    Nanny spanking Princess Allura was funny.Altough Hunk sleeping through the intruder and Princess riding the blue lion he missed the action sorta.moreless
Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

voice of Merla

Michael Bell

Michael Bell

voice of Lance / Sven

Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen

voice of King Alfor / Commander Hawkins / Coran / Narrator

Lennie Weinrib

Lennie Weinrib

voice of Hunk / Lotor

B.J. Ward

B.J. Ward

voice of Allura / Nanny / Haggar

Neil Ross

Neil Ross

voice of Keith / Jeff / Pidge / Chip

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    • (The castle alarm is going off because Nanny has arrived unannounced. Hunk isn't willing to get out of bed.) Hunk: Huh. What? It must be a short circuit. Oh well, someone wake me in the morning and remind me to fix it. (He turns over and goes back to bed.) --- (Pidge has just karate chopped Nanny, whom he thinks is an intruder.) Nanny: Wait till I get my hands on you. You think you're tough. You'll pay for this outrage! Keith: Wow, it's a lady. Lance: Could be a disguise. (He grabs Nanny by the shawl.) Nanny: Don't you young people know about respecting elders? I'm the royal governess. Pidge: Uh oh. --- (Pidge defends his actions.) Pidge: Well, I thought she was the witch. Nanny: How dare you? I'd like to teach you a lesson. If you'd looked before you leaped, this wouldn't have happened. Coran: Nanny, this is Keith, Lance, and Pidge. They're here to protect the kingdom. Nanny:This kingdom? You mean these scoundrels work for the Princess? You're nothing but a bunch of hoodlums! Attacking helpless people before they can defend themselves. (Specifically to Pidge) And you I'd like to put over my knee! --- Lance: Oh boy, first she cries, then she laughs. Wish she'd make up her mind. Pidge: Glad she's not my mother.

  • NOTES (1)

    • A shot showing two of Farla's (Allura) mice waking up as the alarm sounds was excised from "Voltron"

      A close-up shot of Farla's (Allura) face as she is being smacked by Hisu (Nanny) was excised from "Voltron"

      A shot of GoLion slicing off the Beastman's head in "GoLion" was excised from "Voltron". Due to this cut, a shot of Voltron raising his sword and another quick close-up shot of Voltron swinging his sword down was lifted from Episodes 12 and 5 and used here to help emphasise to viewers that Voltron has struck the Robeast


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