Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 7

The Lion Has New Claws

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1984 on



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    • (The castle alarm is going off because Nanny has arrived unannounced. Hunk isn't willing to get out of bed.) Hunk: Huh. What? It must be a short circuit. Oh well, someone wake me in the morning and remind me to fix it. (He turns over and goes back to bed.) --- (Pidge has just karate chopped Nanny, whom he thinks is an intruder.) Nanny: Wait till I get my hands on you. You think you're tough. You'll pay for this outrage! Keith: Wow, it's a lady. Lance: Could be a disguise. (He grabs Nanny by the shawl.) Nanny: Don't you young people know about respecting elders? I'm the royal governess. Pidge: Uh oh. --- (Pidge defends his actions.) Pidge: Well, I thought she was the witch. Nanny: How dare you? I'd like to teach you a lesson. If you'd looked before you leaped, this wouldn't have happened. Coran: Nanny, this is Keith, Lance, and Pidge. They're here to protect the kingdom. Nanny:This kingdom? You mean these scoundrels work for the Princess? You're nothing but a bunch of hoodlums! Attacking helpless people before they can defend themselves. (Specifically to Pidge) And you I'd like to put over my knee! --- Lance: Oh boy, first she cries, then she laughs. Wish she'd make up her mind. Pidge: Glad she's not my mother.

  • Notes

    • A shot showing two of Farla's (Allura) mice waking up as the alarm sounds was excised from "Voltron"

      A close-up shot of Farla's (Allura) face as she is being smacked by Hisu (Nanny) was excised from "Voltron"

      A shot of GoLion slicing off the Beastman's head in "GoLion" was excised from "Voltron". Due to this cut, a shot of Voltron raising his sword and another quick close-up shot of Voltron swinging his sword down was lifted from Episodes 12 and 5 and used here to help emphasise to viewers that Voltron has struck the Robeast

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