Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 32

The Little Prince

Aired Unknown Oct 23, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Though scans for life on the comet come up negative, Bandor still can't tear himself away. He orders grip beams be attached to Voltron so that at least the machine is saved. However, the grip beams are no match for the comet's gravitational field. And to make things worse, a doom fleet shows up and starts blasting Bandor's fleet. Coran tries to help by sending Bandor extra power and activating Voltron by remote control, but the Doomites wise up and slash the grip beam. It looks like Voltron won't be rescued.

Bandor's ship hurtles one way through space, while Voltron hurtles another upon the comet. Assuming victory, Lotor assures it by sending a robeast to destroy Arus. Everything seems hopeless.

The comet comes to a stop at the end of the universe, where an angel offers the Voltron Force a choice - follow her into the realm of eternal happiness or be healed and return to Arus. Of course, our heroes choose to return to Arus. Voltron is healed, the comet falls apart and once again there is hope.

Unaware of the miracle that has taken place, Bandor arrives on Arus and tries to challenge Lotor. But with his sister captive and a robeast poised to level the Castle, he and Coran feel they must surrender. Then Voltron shows up while an incredulous Lotor watches him kick some ass. Though Voltron saves Arus, Romelle is still Lotor's prisoner. Back on Doom, he gives her one more chance to be his bride. When she claims she'd rather die, a firing squad knocks her down into the pit of skulls.

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