Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 6

The Right Arm of Voltron

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 1984 on

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  • Good Bye Sven

    All the vilagers finally come out of darkness and finally an celebration is thrown for them.Even to celebrate new hope as well.Unfotunelly Zarkon return again to fight.After the battle was done.The celebration begins again.The team decided that they will try again with the townpeople about the celebration.Hagger sent her cat to distract one of them away to get their plot begin.So LAnce and Sven went after him.But Lance got capture of Hagger.Unfortunelly Sven saved Lance but Hagger has plans of her own.Lance and Keith races to help Sven.While Pidge and Hunk take Princess Allura to protect her.But Keith and Lance are too late Sven is wounded and gone.Since Sven is gone the others has to fight without Sven.

    Sven is injuried and so he was sent off.I do not know where he was suppose to go.But I think maybe that was when he got capture by Zarkon.Also the episode title is an mistake.It should be "The Right Leg Lion" or something.
  • Sven gets wounded and Voltron can't form to defeat robobeast. Blazing sword is not needed this time for the group to actually use teamwork to defeat the robobeast by pushing it to some lava.

    Lost Sven on this ep. I always like Sven because he wore black. He does not show up for awhile I believe after this. Not sure why he was wrote out or maybe it was always intended for the princess to replace him. Galaxy Garrison makes a worthless cameo as usual.