Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 39

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1984 on



  • Trivia

    • When it's time to use the Blazing Sword, rather then Keith saying "Form Blazing Sword", he simply says "Blazing Sword", and the Blazing Sword is simply there in Voltron's hand, rather then being formed, as usual, by putting the two hands together and forming it around them.

    • After the giant robot fires it's Metal Piercing Rockets, three of them punch through the head (Voltron's right foot) of the Princess's Blue Lion (Voltron's right leg), one through the nose, right eye, and forehead, and through her interior glass viewscreen. However, after Voltron falls out of control, when Kieth gets it back under control, the three Metal Piercing Rockets are gone, and there is no damage showing they were ever there, inside or outside.

    • Even though the Yellow Lion lost it's front left paw after firing it's Rip Claw at the enemy robot, the paw crushed in it's hand, and later images showing the Yellow Lion without the paw, when the Lions merge to form Voltron, the missing paw is shown on the Yellow Lion.

    • When talking, the team seated around the table, the far shot of everyone shows the princess in a white outfit with a pink collar, like her Voltron uniform. However, on her close up, it is shown to be her pink outfit with the white collar that she wears around the castle.

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  • Notes

    • The Black Lion fires Proton Missiles from it's shoulder missile launchers, which detonate on contact, and leave a purple smoke trail behind them.

    • As of this point, the joint of the right leg, the Blue Lion controlled by the Princess, is Voltron's weakest point, where most of his fusion energy power is stored, Voltron's main power source. If disrupted or destroyed, Voltron experiances a substantial drop in power, and the Blue Lion's (Voltron's right leg) connector circuits lose power and the leg drops off, unless the operator of the Blue Lion switches in the Blue Lion's emergency energy pack, which has enough power for only a few minutes use in Voltron form, after which the leg will drop off and switch back to Lion form, powerless, although Voltron can still maintain his form if the leg falls off. After this battle, the Blue Lion is repaired and the vulnerable areas are redesigned so they never have the same problem again.

    • Voltron is capable of forming an Electro Saber. Two hilts emerge from Voltron's shoulders which are each grabbed in a hand, the ends brought together to merge into a one-piece handgrip, a long blade extending from either end of the handgrip. This two-bladed weapon can be twirled in Voltron's hand.

    • The Lions either have self sealing parts, or thin atmospheric force fields surrounding them. When the giant robot's metal piercing rockets pierced the Blue Lion's (Voltron's right leg) head (Voltron's right foot), and the tips pierced through the glass viewscreen to the Princess's cabin, the cabin did not depressurize into space through the holes and cracks.

    • While in Voltron form, the Red Lion (Voltron's left arm) is capable of firing a flamethrower from it's head (Voltron's left hand).

    • The energy aura that is always shown around Voltron when the Lions merge to form it is solar energy.

    • The Black Lion has Missile Deflection Wings, the red wings on it's back extending and firing away from the body to home in on fired missiles and cut through them with their razor sharp edges to detonate them, before returning to the Black Lion's back and refolding.

    • The Yellow Lion is capable of firing a Rip Claw, the paw and three claws of the Lion's front leg detatching and firing at an enemy to rip through them, with the capability of returning to the paw afterwards.

    • The Yellow Lion has Rotor Missiles, a retractable spinning disk that extends from it's front shoulder with small, retractable missiles all along the edge, that rotates, capable of firing hundreds of small missiles in a rapid, scattering volley at a target.

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