Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 25

The Witch Gets a Face Lift

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Little does she realize that at that moment, the real Orla was being ambushed by old Haggar so that the old witch could assume her identity. After successfully taking on the royal aunt's likeness, the fake Orla lies in the woods where the Voltron Force finds her. Feigning an accident, the others take her back to the Castle. Comedy ensues when 'Orla' is greeting by Nanny and everyone gets to laugh at the loud-mothed, busy-body's expense.

But when Orla sees the Space Mice, she reacts badly. Allura regrettably sends the little guys away. Moments later, Allura has her back to Orla while looking through a closet at some dresses she thinks her aunt might like. Haggar was going to use the opportunity to strangle Allura with a cord of cloth, but the mice appear to warn Allura. Orla freaks out about the rodents and Allura, not realizing they were trying to save her life, chastises them. After Allura tucks an 'exhausted' Orla in bed, Haggar summons Blue Cat to take care of those darn mice.

This is likely a mistake on her part because Pidge spots the feline and promptly warns the others about it. They assume where the witch's cat is, the witch can't be far and are on their guard. When Keith and Coran try to warn Allura that maybe Orla isn't who she appears to be, the Princess is quite offended. So, the boys come up with a plan - with the help of the space mice - to trap Blue Cat hoping that when her pet is held hostage, Haggar will show herself.

Meanwhile, 'Orla' is busy poisoning the punch bowl at the dinner table. Keith and the others enter the dining room at that moment, hurling accusations. Allura is flabbergasted. But when they show a caged Blue Cat and threaten to let it drink from the punch bowl, the old witch shows her cards. But Haggar grabs Nanny, demanding her pet be released or else. After a skirmish, Haggar escapes with the Lions in hot persuit. Haggar sends a robeast to distract them while she makes good on her escape.

After Voltron eventually defeats the robeast, they still have to find the real Orla. The messenger hawk leads them to the ruins where Orla and her ladies-in-waiting were still located. A joyous reunion ensued, ending with the real Orla being ushered into the Castle of Lions.

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