Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 33

There'll Be a Royal Wedding

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1984 on

Episode Recap

When she reaches the bottom of the pit, a ragged looking young man emerges from the shadows to help her escape the Doom soldiers who have descended to make sure Romelle is dead. After they lose the guards, it is discovered that the mystery man is none other than...Sven!

Sven urges her to flee further on her own, but Romelle won't go without him. After some working through of the guilt Sven feels for letting the VF down, Sven decides to team up with Romelle to escape Doom. Haggar tries her best to flush the pair out by having her latest Robeast slaughter some slaves in the Arena - and Romelle almost reveals herself to stop the madness - but Sven convinces her she can do more good by surviving in the hopes of returning another day to free all slaves on Doom. Surrendering now would only get them all killed.

Tearfully, Romelle agrees and eventually, the duo (with the help of more self-sacrificing slaves) steal a ship and escapes. Of course, forces of Doom are in hot pursuit and when they cross paths with Bandor and the Voltron Force, who had come out to escort their fleeing friends, a battle with the dreaded Iron Maiden robeast ensues. The crown on the maiden paralyzes Voltron and it looks like his fate is sealed. But then Sven and Romelle destroy the offending crown which clears the way for Voltron to finish off the Robeast.

In the end, Romelle returns home to Pollux and the team gets a joyful reunion with Sven - though he decides to remain on Pollux with Romelle instead of taking back his place on the team.

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