Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 38

Treasure of Planet Tyrus

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Beating Lotor to the disabled ship, the Voltron Force find the statue. A space mouse alerts them to an adjacent room that holds stolen treasures. As Lotor's ship approaches, Lance uses the Red Lion's atomizer to hide it in Lotor's statue.

When the Doomites arrive, the Voltron Force are already disguised as injured or dazed crewmen (I guess they don't find four guards and a short stubby one in tow as a red flag at all, heh heh). Lotor has the ship hauled back to Tyrus and during the celebration with the King of Tyrus, the disguised VF deliver the chest of treasures. While struggling with cumbersome key, Keith trips. Displeased at his clumsiness, Lotor begins to take out his saber sword and that's when the disguises come off (hey, Lotor got to see Allura strip - too bad she had her uniform on underneath those doomite threads!).

After fierce sword battling, the team is cornered except for Lance, who takes a tumble through a trap door - and lucky him, cannibals are down there just waiting for their next meal to drop in.

So far Lotor's having quite a birthday. With the (granted, unwilling) Princess at his side, Lotor presides over the fate of the remaining men who have been bound to missiles that will shoot them into orbit.

While Lotor decides to forgo things to enjoy his huge birthday cake, the Princess is busy cutting her bindings loose and the space mice are likewise shredding the ropes holding Lance, Keith and Pidge. Lotor suffers some serious humiliation as first his cake is annihilated by a nearby blast. Then, it's discovered the blast came from Red Lion, which totally destroys the golden Lotor statue as it breaks away from it.

Lotor and the King of Tyrus try to flee, but Voltron runs his sword right through the ship. It seems Lotor had time to get to an escape ship, but the King was less fortunate. Back at the Castle, we see the recycled Allura-Lance kiss *again*.

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