Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 6

Voltron Meets Jungle Woman

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Haggar has other plans. She figures the frogman will be useful on planet Mirra - a beautiful world famouse for its large flowers. She plans to turn said flowers poisonous, however.

Arriving on the planet, her and Cossack disembark with the frogman - still dazed from his ordeal - and plot to harvest the giant flowers. Some grow underwater, and hence the frogman's usefullness.

Froggie wakes up and flees. At first, Haggar is sure he'll get stuck on the planet's sticky grass. But, some good samaritin negates the grass's properties with flames, and frogman is once again off and running. The Doomie robots are about to catch up when a young lady on a horse-like creature offers frogman a ride.

Meanwhile, Cossack is stewing about the escaping slave when he gets word that an Alliance ship coming from the Crimson quandrant is in the area. It so happens the ship has to crash land on Mirra. They get a signal out to Galaxy Garrison in time, and in turn, GG contacts Coran in the hopes the VF can run a rescue mission to Mirra. The space mice tag along in Allura's lion despite their having to fly through the Feline galaxy. mmm'k.

Back on Mirra, the young pilots are assessing the damage to their ship and crew when the frogman and woman approach. At first, the nervous crew wants to attack. But the injured one in the lot urges them to not act in haste. The woman, who speaks in broken English, loads the injured man on the horse-like critter with the intent of taking him elsewhere to be healed.

Before the crew can argue, the Doom robots and Cossack catch up to them. It looks hopeless, but frogman selflessly causes a commotion that allows "jungle girl" to escape with the injured pilot. They make it back to her tree hut, where she proceeds to heal him with the music from a magical pipe. Frogman, having ditched the doomies, also hears the music and is drawn to it.

Meanwhile, Lotor contacts Haggar to taunt her and let her know the Voltron Force is on their way. She has a plot to stop them, of course. The VF arrive at the crash site only to find the Alliance crew gone and the ship cleaned out. Keith immediately suspects the hand of Doom.

With the injured crew member healed and the frogman reunited with him and the jungle girl, the trio prepare to mount a rescue mission for the others. Jungle girl hints that the frog creature is from her world and is special to her.

They soon discover the ship's remaining crew has been enslaved by Haggar and enlisted to harvest the pollen of the giant flowers. They start fires in the field so that they can run through the sticky grass, but the guy and jungle girl get caught anyway.

At least the smoke from the fire brings their location to the Voltron Force's attention. When they arrive, they notice the man and jungle woman held hostage by doom robots up a tree. But when the Lions move in for a rescue, Haggar uses dark magic to animate the tree's flowers and snare the Lions.

With the Lions immobilized, Haggar sends in a robeast to finish them off. But the space mice and frogman go into action. And what's worse for the Doomies is, Haggar falls and drops her staff and an errant ray from it hits frogman - and supersizes him! It is then as he fights the robeast that jungle girl reveals he is her father.

Lance and his Lion are somehow free and he proceeds to free the other Lions. Frogman manages to get the girl and Alliance dude to safety before collapsing. Luckily in the meantime, the VF form Voltron and take care of the robeast.

In the end, the jungle girl plays her flute thingie for days to heal her father. The alliance guy thinks hope is lost, but requests to stay on Mirra to guard it. Suddenly, the music works and the frogman returns to his human state. The Alliance ship repaired, all but the one fellow depart.