Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 47

Voltron Versus Voltron

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1984 on

Episode Recap

Meanwhile the kids from the last episodes beg to be the ones to be able to go and invite Voltron personally to their celebration. It is agreed that they do so, but they also are charged with delivering a device that'll let Voltron safely pass through a force field Zarkon placed around the planet. They show up on Arus and let the Voltron Force know about the celebration.

All the while, Lotor is delivering his fake Voltron to Yadle. The ruler of Yadle shrugs off the early arrival and requests his people greet the robot. But Bobby's friend smells a rat - the early arrival, the escort fleet...it all doesn't add up in his mind. His hunch was proved right when Doomite robots emerge from the escort ships and start rounding up the civilians (they really go to great lengths to let you know the people of Yadle have only been stunned, not killed heh heh).

This phase of Lotor's plan a success, he and the witch Haggar await the real Voltron's arrival so they can spring their trap on him, too. Bobby's little friend got away and while he tries to think of a way to warn Voltron, Lotor orders the fake one buried in the sand for an ambush.

On Arus, the group makes plausible excuses as to why Yadle is unreachable by communications and the Force sets out for the planet. With the double almost buried, Bobby's friend works double time to etch a warning in the sand in the form of a Doom Skull.

As Voltron nears, Bobby calls to control from the Black Lion. Lotor responds, pretending to be the governor and clears Voltron for landing. Of course, somehow Keith doesn't see the skull and S.O.S. in the sand first but the little kid, flagging him down...not really the most plausible thing lol

Voltron does land but he's on the defensive, especially after spotting robot soldiers lurking behind the few nervous civilians. Voltron opens fire and all bets are off. Soon the fake Voltron is revealed and they square off. The only visible difference between the real Voltron and the fake one is the fake has a Doom skull emblazoned on its chest. The fighting is fierce at first - it's not easy fighting your evil twin! But soon enough, Voltron offs its twin with the Blazing Sword. The people of Yadle are truly free and all that happy, smarmy stuff.

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