Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 10

War and Peace ... and Doom!

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Space Marshal Graham pages the Castle of Lions and instructs the Voltron Force to go to Oran to find out why their formerly good ally is bailing out on them now. As the team arrives and the Orans balk, one lone dissenter in the high command, Roland, welcomes them.

He tries to tell the people how the obsession with weaponry and war has made them a greedy people (gee, preach much in regards to the 80s arms race, writers? LOL), but they won't listen. Rolland is ordered to be arrested, based on nothing more than the fact that he's a "bleeding heart".

The Voltron Force meets with Kruger and they're angered to learn that not only won't he listen to reason, but that he's drafted a trade agreement with Zarkon. Just as Kruger brags about being smart enough to respect Zarkon's strength, his forces show it by attacking the city. Kruger fights back, but it's of little use. What's worse is the VF don't defend the planet because it is no longer in the Alliance. However, Cossack eases up on the attack to play mind games with Kruger by blaming him for the attack (for "inviting" the VF there) and planting the paranoia of spies and traitors in his midst.

Kruger passes on the propaganda that Voltron and Rolland are to blame for Doom's aggression, and the people turn on them. Rolland is in danger of arrest, and the VF are put in house arrest by Kruger while angry mobs try to destroy the Lions.

The VF escape but run into the mob. Reasoning with them fails miserably. But then Cossack loses patience and starts dropping bombs. The people scatter and the VF decide they have to defend them whether they like it or not. Keith even saves a baby from bomb shrapnel.

But are the citizens grateful? Hell no. After lots of verbal abuse and Rolland getting physically threatened, the team decides its not use and leaves Oran to fend for itself.

Kruger is happy about it and tells his people to welcome Cossack on his "goodwill" visit. Only Cossack promptly has guns pointed at Kruger and proceeds with the take-over of Oran.

As the people are being enslaved, they realise Rolland was right and turn to him for advice. He advises rebellion. Rolland and his band of rebels fight their way into a control room where they're able to contact Keith and ask for help (the joking around about Keith accidentally getting into Allura's Lion once was amusing).

Anyway, the VF turn around and head back to Oran while the Doomies are praising Cossack for his victory. It's cut short when the Lions show up and form Voltron.

Cossack first tries to fight them with Oran's own elaborate defense system. When that fails, out comes the Robeast.

The robeast gets owned, the planet rejoices and elects Rolland their new leader, and that weasle Kruger is left to remain the sole weapon.