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Season 3 Episode 13

A Ghost of a Chance


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Nobody on Doom knows exactly where Merla is from, and nobody really listens to Haggar when she insists Merla has mental powers of persuasion. Right on cue, Merla gets inside Zarkon's head, convincing him to put her in charge of conquering Arus. Merla takes Zarkon, Lotor, Cossack and Haggar inside her ship to show them her quarks - charmed quarks even (don't ask). Cossack and Haggar are skeptical that such things exist and Merla dares them to call her bluff by inviting Cossack to step inside one of the contraptions. Cossack is transported to another dimension and brought back, making a believer of Zarkon. Cossack is angry he got duped and both he and Haggar worry about the advantage Merla has over them with her mental abilities. Haggar already knows, for instance, that Merla has been tapping into Allura's dreams and worries about what she may have learned.moreless
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