Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 1 Episode 24

Short Run of the Centipede Express


Full Episode: Short Run of the Centipede Express


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Lotor is daydreaming of Allura once again when Zarkon summons him. Planet Moura has been captured and it's time to have a little arena fun with some slaves. Zarkon also has a new toy he wants Lotor to tend to - it's an Ion Laser Gun that will be powerful enough to obliterate Arus when finished. Meanwhile, Voltron is lurking in an asteroid belt so the VF can keep tabs on the activity on Moura, as well as observe Zarkon's other new toy - the Centipede Express. Upon deciding reconnosence is in order, Keith and Lance use Green Lion's head to fly down to the planet's surface. Armed with explosives, they aim to strategically place them around the giant Ion gun in hopes of destroying it. By knocking out a few Doomite guards, they score the perfect disguises to proceed in.moreless
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