Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 19

The Alliance Strikes Back!

Full Episode: The Alliance Strikes Back!


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This one opens at the Castle of Lions, where the team and Coran are discussing the wide revolt going on against Zarkon. Oppressed people are finally rising up and fighting back against Zarkon - and winning! It's pretty sad when Doomies are losing to a bunch of kids or slaves riding silly looking "horse-a-roos". Yikes. The team decides that, even though they're a defensive unit, now is the time to strike Zarkon if only to free his slaves. Zarkon arrives back on Doom and is dismayed that his forces are too busy fighting to welcome their King. Then it goes from bad to worse as the Lions show up and form Voltron. Zarkon decides, after a bunch of his robot fighters are defeated, that he needs to vanquish Voltron himself. However, Lotor has taken his battle ship with the intentions of doing the vanquishing, getting the glory and ultimately, his father's throne. Zarkon's new mission, therefore, is to teach Lotor a lesson. However, Merla tries to talk Lotor out of going as she geniunely doesn't want to see him destroyed. Lotor balks at the show of emotion as she tries to reason with him and leaves anyway. Merla is left confused by the failure of her evil powers and the fact that she's not feeling so evil at all anymore.moreless
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