Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 8

Who Was That Masked Man?

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Just as Romelle wonders if Sven ever thinks of her, Sven is pining away for her at his house. Apparently, he figures he's not fit for a Princess as a commoner but remains in that cottage to watch over and protect her. Then, he notices Bandor's signal through binoculars, and after some frightening shots ring out, scampers off to Romelle's rescue.

Sven finds out the noise was actually from a slave ship that crashed in the Valley and goes to investigate. Romelle and Bandor show up and they decide to take in the sick and injured survivors.

At the sick bay in the castle, Romelle tries to assist one slave who wears some sort of spiked mask. He refuses to let her touch it. The scene with the slave is interrupted by Bandor's announcement that Sven's house is on fire.

He rushes off on horseback to his home, only to find it completely engulfed. But that's not all he finds. Haggar is there to rub it in Sven's face that he'd been lured away so that the slaves could rise up and take Romelle and other castle dwellers captive. The plan is to trade Romelle for Allura.

Meanwhile, the Voltron Force are disturbed by the lack of contact with Pollux, so they launch their lions and investigate. Haggar senses they're on their way. But like gloating evil fools of the past, she proceeds to explain to Sven exactly how she's going to dispose of them. (The sing-song way she reminds him of her blackmail ace in the hole is amusing.

They spot Sven on his knees in front of a great dam. Landing, they ask him what's wrong, to which he explains that he's decided to join Haggar's forces. Haggar appears to confirm the news while Lotor lands his ship on top of the dam.

Then, in one of the most bs-ridden contrivances of the good guys EVER, Allura pics up on Sven using his watch to reflect the sunlight in such a way as to flash her a signal. From that, she guesses the ENTIRE situation with Romelle. Allura sends the space mice in their silly little ship to go save Romelle. Lotor emerges to collect his prize, but the team fights back and Sven gets away from Haggar. The team manage to get to their Lions, and the race is on to get to Romelle before Lotor does.

At the castle, Romelle is trying to reason with the slaves who are dumb enough to believe Lotor will keep his promise to set them free when the space mice show up. They cause enough trouble so that Bandor can get the gun from the masked man and turn the tables on the slaves. The masked man runs off, causing Bandor and Romelle to give chase. This turns out to be a mistake when Haggar uses a spell to change the man into a robeast. It scoops up both Bandor and Romelle.

Voltron is formed but he's faced with how to fight without bringing harm to their captive friends. Sven can't stand it as Romelle urges Voltron to do what he must to save Pollux. It's at a time like this Romelle chooses to wax poetic about her love for Sven.

Voltron uses a rare wing slash attack to cut off the clawed limb holding Romelle and Bandor, and Pidge's Lion's head speeds off to catch the falling pair just in time. It's curtains for the Robeast.

Afterwards, Pollux celebrates as do Romelle and Sven - with their feelings for each other finally out in the open.