Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Season 3 Episode 11

Who's Flyin' Blue Lion?

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1985 on

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  • Who's flyin blue lion? Yumpin Yiminy, vwhich pilot do ya think? :)

    While Sven's departure was needed for the Princess to take his role, it always felt a bit like he was cheated (though if you consider the fates of his counterparts, the Kurogane Brothers of GoLion, he actually does pretty well). So this episode would be worth it just to seem him fly Blue Lion one last time. But this third season episode has a lot going for it.

    Finally, we see Lion Voltron on Earth, something that just wasn't possible using GoLion footage, since, like Kurogane, Earth was no more after some early eps. We also see them actually interacting with Galaxy Garrison outside a viewscreen, and the throwaway lines at the start, when some technicians envy the lion ships, were just great. Added bonus : I think this was the only time Zarkon and Lotor didn't simply betray their allies.

    I wish Fleet Of Doom had been this good.
  • The producers that brought the series from Japan to the USA, added a third season (a second for the Lion Voltron Force). In this episode, Sven, who was killed off in the original Japanese version, gets one more chance to fly the Blue Lion.

    It was great to see Sven get one more chance to fly the Blue Lion. I felt like they could have done so much more with him. So much of what happened with his character would have made great storylines, but had to be danced around because of the TV standards in the 1980's. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the episode, though some of the editing was really bad such as the Princess being in her uniform, and then suddenly she's back in her royal gown. Also, the "Voltron Force Sound Off" thing came across really lame. This isn't the Mickey Mouse Club. Those were the only downsides to what was one of the better episodes from the third season.