Voltron Force

Season 1 Episode 15

Rogue Trip

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on Nicktoons Networks



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    • Allura: Father, I need your guidance. I never imagined a day when the lions would turn on us.
      King Althor: The lions haven't turned against you. They are challenging you.
      Allura: But nothing we try seems to work. We've tried force, we've tried diplomacy...

      King Althor: Those are the tactics of men. But the lions are not men. The lions are a pride, and Black is their alpha. And did he fight or bargain in his way to this position?
      Allura: (closes eyes, hangs her head)

      King Althor: Then what makes him the leader?
      Allura: He is the leader because...he carries himself like the leader.
      King Althor: (smiles) Precisely.

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