Voltron: The Beast King Go-Lion

Season 1 Episode 17

Challenge from Space

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 2010 on World Events Productions
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Challenge from Space

Many years ago Altea was ruled by a king who had two sons. One son was banished to Planet Heracles, known as "The Moving Planet", for his unruliness. As a result of this Planet Heracles holds a grudge against Planet Altea. Prince Imperial Sincline exploits this grudge and forms an alliance with the planet's leader King Heracles to annihilate Altea. The oldest of King Heracles' children, Prince Samson, volunteers to be transformed into a Deathblack Beastman to assist in the attack on Altea. Heracles' other two children, Princess Amue and Prince Alor, greatly admire Sincline and consider him a great warrior. King Heracles sends a transmission to Altea warning them of the impending attack. The GoLion Team, hoping to end the conflict and avoid war, secretly travel to Heracles in an attempt to open a dialogue with the King.

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  • Altea's old enemy, Planet Heracles, forms and alliance with the Galra Empire to destroy Altea once and for all.

    "Challenge From Space" is yet another significant episode in "GoLion" because it introduces characters who will play a large part in the series' finale. The characters of Princess Amue and Prince Alor are quite interesting. Amue, is the startegist and wants to avoid war at all costs. Prince Alor considers war the only option. Though they are brother and sister they are almost total opposites. This episode is quite entertaining for another reason too. Specifically the well written script and great battle sequences. The battle sequences are for more realistic than "Voltron" because people die which, we all know, happens in war. There are a few episodes before this one which are not that good. However this episode gets things back on track. Make time to see it. You won't be disappointed.moreless

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