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  • The last survivors of the human race use the mighty GoLion to fight against Emperor Daibazzal and the forces of the Galra Empire.

    When Media Blasters, the company which issued the complete "Voltron" series on DVD, announced they would issue the two Japanimated series that were used to create the popular show (The other being "Armored Fleet Diarugger XV" which was used to create Vehicle Voltron.) , I could hardly wait. I am happy to say I was not disappointed. "King of Beasts GoLion" is truly an amazing thrill ride from start to finish. The battle sequences are very well done and the episodes are very well written. What matters just as much as good action and scripts are the characters and "GoLion" delivers in that respect as well with a group of very well written and interesting ones on both sides of the battle. What helps the series a great deal is its realistic portrayal of war. Nothing is sanatized in "GoLion". People die sometimes in ways difficult to watch. However it's not gratuitous. It is necessary I believe, because we all know war is pure hell. There is no other way to show it. Consequently, maybe the kids shouldn't be watching it. That aside, "King of Beasts GoLion" is a great show that is definitely worth your time.
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