Voltron: The Third Dimension

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • Kids don't know any better.

    I used to watch Voltron when I was growing up and its fair to say that Voltron is a pretty old anime however that doesn't really excuse the fact that it was terrible. I suppose at the time it seemed like a good idea to the producers and a child Voltron was one of the only animes coming over on tv regularly. I appreciate the role Voltron played in paving the way for other anime being able to come over on western tv. The show itself sucked - The storyline left much to be desired, the jokes were off-center and characters often burst into hysterical fits of laughter for no apparent reason. In some ways it follows the tradition format of anime set at the time but it can't be considered a classic. Some people swear by Voltron but even as a kid I didn't like it!
  • Stay away from this series!

    This show is nothing like the original cartoon Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The character designs are ugly, they look NOTHING like they did in the 80's, and I grew up watching Voltron in the 80's. What I;d like to know what on earth were they thinking changing everything in this series that the original fans who MIGHT have supported this. I mean they rid of the ships Keith and company used to gain access to the lions, which brings me to another gripe I have about V3D, the lions themselves, they looks like they had been starved to near death, which is impossible to do to a robotic lion, and what happened to the futuristic castle that was used in the original anime? They went back without explanation to the old midevil looking castle, and since when was Princess Allura able to communicate with the lions and when did they have spirits?! If you are a true Voltron fan from the 80's, then stay FAR FAR away from this series, too much was changed.
  • I prefer the original animated series rather than this.

    Voltron Third Demanison is basicly about Lotar escape from prison all that kind of stuff.Now where this the artist go wrong thinking of creating this idea.Ok the 3d animation is good and all however there is one thing you can tell the difference the characters design they suck.Doesn\'t really add up to the original cartoon verison.The character look and all that stuff.The characters on that show doesn\'t looked much the same as the 80\'s version of Voltron.Also the plot would make more sense if it was liked season 2 or something.I had watched two episodes of Voltron when it was on.But when I start disliking this show.I stopped watching it.Truth to be told,I would change the channel if I saw this show.So I prefer the original verison much better.Also they never told whatever happened to Sven and Princess Romelle.Of course we know in the golion series Sven was suppose to be dead.But still some questions needs some answers.
  • Loved it!

    I used to get up early just to watch this on Saturday mornings. I didn't know there was a cartoon before this until a former friend and I were talking about it. It was even cooler with this team set-up, and in 3-D too. And Tim Curry made an awesome villain, as always - he just never dies! Actually, I think I had a dream about this last night; it's been a while.
  • That wasn\'t that funny, and it seems to me that artist couldn\'t hold back their extreme jealousy over the success of Voltron: The Third Dimension.

    That wasn\'t that funny, and it seems to me that artist couldn\'t hold back their extreme jealousy over the success of Voltron: The Third Dimension. Man I wish south park would get back to its roots of coming up with original funny content than playing politics every show. I mean so what if family guy rips people off, everyone rips someone off, somewhere along the line, south park even admitted this in one of my favorite episodeS.
  • It needs way more fintuning

    I'll admit this I have never seen Voltron as the actual cartoon and this was the first version of Voltron I have ever seen. I tell you at first I thought Man this is cool. But I grew tired of it with it's predictable power ranger storyline which makes me wonder why would they make this show when they couldn't even make power rangers properly. It just doesn't make any sense does it.

    It may be nice to see a show go from a cartoon into the 3rd dimension but it really was not neccisary for this show it was better the old way when I saw a episode over the internet and it made this show a complete waste of time which made me wonder what I was thinking. It needs way more fintuning before it should go on the air.
  • Not as good as the original.

    Don't you hate it when they take a perfectly good show and then tamper with it to produce something like this. This show is no where near as good as the original and it shows. I know the 3-d animation is cool, but only if it\'s done right which this certainly wasn\'t. I;m sorry but voltron looks the best back in it\'s old format of pure cartoonism.