Voltron: The Third Dimension

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • I prefer the original animated series rather than this.

    Voltron Third Demanison is basicly about Lotar escape from prison all that kind of stuff.Now where this the artist go wrong thinking of creating this idea.Ok the 3d animation is good and all however there is one thing you can tell the difference the characters design they suck.Doesn\'t really add up to the original cartoon verison.The character look and all that stuff.The characters on that show doesn\'t looked much the same as the 80\'s version of Voltron.Also the plot would make more sense if it was liked season 2 or something.I had watched two episodes of Voltron when it was on.But when I start disliking this show.I stopped watching it.Truth to be told,I would change the channel if I saw this show.So I prefer the original verison much better.Also they never told whatever happened to Sven and Princess Romelle.Of course we know in the golion series Sven was suppose to be dead.But still some questions needs some answers.