Voltron: The Third Dimension - Season 2

FOX (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • 2/19/00
    The Voltron Force still has a lot of work to do. They are now taking the fight to Castle Doom itself... or so they think. As they are horrified to discover once they enter the building, they find it to be a decoy. Worse, Haggar's magic forces them to face their worst nightmares, which seem more and more real as time passes. Can the Voltron Force overcome their fears and get out of this alive?moreless
  • 2/12/00
    The Voltron Force and Coran deal with space pirates to rescue Amalgamus. Once Amalgamus is saved and repaired, the Voltron Force attack Galaxy Garrison to force out Zarkon, Lotor and Haggar.
  • Mind Games
    Episode 7
    Needing to always be in the Robot Lions' cockpits during a crisis can be quite cumbersome and difficult. Fortunately, there is a telepathic remedy that Allura has stumbled onto. All that is required is a little training, which Keith, Lance and Hunk certainly consider it worthwhile. The lone holdout is Pidge, as this forces him to recall painful memories of his life on Balto. He needs to quickly change his mind on this, though, especially when Zarkon again threatens to destroy the Voltron Force.moreless
  • 11/20/99
    Lotor's latest scheme involves exploiting Claw Mountain and opening a portal for himself. The Voltron Force try to stop him, but the resulting clash goes very wrong. A portal does open – ultimately stranding Lance and Lotor in a parallel universe. This reality has its Voltron Force, Lotor, and other familiar faces in reversed roles. Is it possible to put this parallel universe on a better track? More importantly, can Lance and Lotor find a way back home?moreless
  • The Hunter
    Episode 5
    The Voltron Force thinks that extra-dimensional beings sent a distress call and need help. Naturally, what awaits them isn't what they expected. Greeting their arrival is a new, biomechanical face – Kolak the hunter. Despite his pretenses, his race has a dark history, and he has evil plans for the Voltron Force. If they aren't careful, their very bodies with be altered with Stealth technology. It's up to Pidge to save his friends and foil Kolak's plans.moreless
  • Dominus Goes Home
    Episode 4
    The Voltron Force stumbles upon Dominus and find he has nowhere to go. He is taken to the Castle of Lions, where Allura hopes he will be happy and content as a pet. However, given Dominus' size, this naturally won't work out. Since his proper home is actually the Stealth dimension, what Allura must do with the giant shonga is obvious. Unfortunately, that task won't be easy, especially now that Lotor, Haggar and Kolak the hunter have teamed-up to capture Dominus.moreless
  • Gladiators
    Episode 3
    To defeat the Voltron Force, Zarkon tries to use the law to his advantage. It turns out there is a strict, ancient Arusian law that – when invoked – leads to gladiatorial combat between two sides. The Voltron Force must consent to the challenge or else. When the time comes, Lance and Lotor meet each other face-to-face in the ring. Needless to say, despite what prompted all of this, both intend to settle their own personal grudges. The raging fight, however, doesn't stop another devious Zarkon and Haggar plot from looming.moreless
  • Stealth Voltron
    Episode 2
    Hunk and the rest of the Voltron Force face a big surprise in Yellow Lion's lair – Draco. It turns out that the robotic dragon wants a new place to call home. With his selection made, he promptly evicts Yellow Lion. Turning the tables on Draco certainly won't be easy for the Voltron Force. However, a dimension where Voltron can become more powerful may hold the answer.moreless
  • 10/9/99
    The immediate danger passes, as Keith, Lance, Hunk and Pidge are free to rejoin Allura and Coran on Arus. Unfortunately, with Zarkon's threat constantly growing and the Robot Lions gone, they're still at a great disadvantage. However, Allura's recent time on Arus and with Ariella's spirit may reveal a way to restore the Lions and Voltron. They had better hurry, though, as Zarkon intends to finish the Voltron Force once and for all.moreless