Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

ABC (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • No Way Back
      No Way Back
      Episode 26
      While Nelson is at his institute, a sudden power overload destroys the Seaview with all hands. Mr. Pem (time traveller from the episode "A Time to Die") approaches Nelson with an offer to go back in time and prevent the incident. Nelson agrees, only to find his ship and crew transported to the eighteenth century, where Mr. Pem plans to alter the outcome of the Revolutionary War.moreless
    • The Death Clock
    • Edge of Doom
    • Attack!
      Episode 23
    • Flaming Ice
    • Savage Jungle
    • Man-Beast
      Episode 20
    • Secret of the Deep
    • The Abominable Snowman
    • Nightmare
      Episode 17
    • The Lobster Man
    • Terrible Leprechaun
      The Seaview is sent to keep a warhead on the ocean floor from detonating. But unbeknownest to them a leprechaun has plans of his own which includes making sure the warhead goes off. His good twin brother tries to help stop him.
    • The Return of Blackbeard

      While on route to provide escort to a distinguished foreign visitor (who is traveling with a legendary historical artifact, the Throne of Solomon) the Seaview runs into the ghost of Edward Teach (A.K.A. Blackbeard the Pirate). Blackbeard is looking for a stout ship and a lusty crew to enable him to take uphis pirating career again, and he believes that the Seaview will serve admirably.

    • Deadly Amphibians
      Deadly Amphibians
      Episode 13
      The Seaview comes under attack by a pair of amphibians, members of an ancient race living under the sea bed. They capture Kowalski and begin to convert him to an amphibian as part of their long-range plan: take over the Seaview, use her nuclear power to expand the capacity of their sonic cannon, use the cannon to free their people trapped under the crust, and take over the seas. Then, of course, the world.moreless
    • Blow Up
      Blow Up
      Episode 12
      The Seaview is en route to rendezvous with the fleet when Sharkey reports a missile fuel leak. Crane and Morton believe it's worth returning to port to repair, however Nelson knows how to handle it. Taking a small breathing device with him, the Admiral locks himself in the compartment in question to effect repairs. However, he drops a wrench, the circuits blow and Nelson is knocked out. When he comes to, he's gripped by paranoia which worsens with each passing minute. Trusting no one, Nelson loses his grip on reality, arresting Doc, fighting with Sharkey and finally launching a nuclear missile at the fleet!moreless
    • A Time to Die
      A Time to Die
      Episode 11
      While on a mission, the Seaview appears to pass through an odd magnetic field. However, a dinosaur and alterations in the star patterns indicate that they have been thrown back in time one million years. Nelson encounters the mysterious Mr. Pem, a man who has learned how to control time, and wants to use the Seaview as a powerful source of energy for his time device. Nelson must try to outwit a man who can simply back up time and alter anything they attempt to do.moreless
    • Terror
      Episode 10
      An alien creature that can exist either as pure energy or a strange-looking orchid plant, plots to take over the world. Wanting the Seaview as an ideal environment in which to reproduce itself, it takes control of Admiral Nelson.
    • Rescue
      Episode 9
      An enemy submarine has been attacking ships, and it is believed that they have an undersea base. Seaview's job is to find the base as well as the submarine. Crane locates the base in the Flying Sub, but is attacked and left stranded on the sea bed, injured and running out of air. Seaview's efforts to rescue him are thwarted at every turn, because the enemy is also aboard the Seaview.moreless
    • Time Lock
      Time Lock
      Episode 8
      A man from the future sends two androids back in time to kidnap Nelson from Seaview in order to add him to a collection of other famous military figures abducted from various eras of the past.
    • Fatal Cargo
      Fatal Cargo
      Episode 7
      Doctor Blanchard has created a device to control the actions of a white gorilla. Unfortunately, his assistant Leo Brock wants the fame that the inventor of such a device would gain. As a result he uses the device to enrage the gorilla and kill Blanchard. Nelson gets there too late to save Blanchard, but the gorilla is taken on board. Brock sets the gorilla free and he runs amock until both Brock and the gorilla are killed.moreless
    • Man of Many Faces
      The Seaview must destroy a giant underwater magnet that is drawing the Moon to the Earth. The crew's efforts are hampered by an intruder capable of changing his appearance.
    • Sealed Orders
      Sealed Orders
      Episode 5
      Nelson deals with frightening illusions and a disappearing crew as he attempts to disarm a superbomb.
    • Journey with Fear
      Crane and Morton are left stranded on Venus by aliens who are fearful of Earth's progress into space.
    • Cave of the Dead
      Cave of the Dead
      Episode 3
      Nelson is haunted by the curse of the Flying Dutchman.
    • The Deadly Dolls
      The Deadly Dolls
      Episode 2
      The Seaview crew is being entertained by puppet cairactures of the Captain and Admiral, compliments of Professor Multiple. Multiple remains on-board when the sub departs, and his dolls soon come to life, replacing their real-life counterparts. Only Nelson and Crane avoid capture and transformation. Multiple boasts that he and the others are all puppets, created by machines from the future that have traveled into the present, and need the Seaview as a new host body. Can Nelson and Crane overcome this fantastic threat?moreless
    • Fires of Death
      Fires of Death
      Episode 1
      The Seaview is being buffeted about by underwater explosions due to the eruption of an active volcano. Dr. Turner (Victor Jory) is aboard to stop the eruptions. However, his true mission is to bring up "elixir stones." An alchemist, Turner needs the stones to keep him immortal. However, in order to bring up the stones, he needs to stimulate the volcano into full eruption!moreless
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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