Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Season 4 Episode 1

Fires of Death

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Sep 17, 1967 on ABC

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  • Nelson gets knocked out again and again, Crane sleeps it off and Chips the golden boy.

    The seaview crew has their hands full stopping a huge volcano from erupting which in turn will destroy half the world.

    The guest villain sorry I mean scientist is an ageing volcanologist Dr Turner who seems downright creepy from the word go.

    As Seaview approaches the area near the volcano they are wildly thrown about and I mean wildly!

    During the midst's of these shock waves Dr Turner starts to get a nasty bout of the shakes and quickly disappears to the ships lab.

    With the door locked Turner prepares a machine and inserts a glowing rock into it while all the time his condition is becoming worse until in the end he looks like a corpse.

    Nelson is annoyed at the delay but eventually Turner emerges from the lab looking his old self and gives instructions on how to reach the underwater entrance to the volcano base.

    Nelson plans to use the flying sub with Turner to reach the underwater entrance and they head off but not before a special anti head procedure is used on them. (Standing under a lamp)

    Once in the volcano cavern Turner casually shows Nelson his true colours and tells him he's an alchemist aged about 500 years! If this wasn't enough it turns out Turner's damping equipment is in fact a golden faced man that's been turned into a mindless slave!

    Nelson attempts contact Seaview and is rewarded by a few mini thumps from Turner's slave and is left unconscious.

    Turner's plan is to cause a partial eruption with an explosive device which will bring up more of his "elixir" stones as he calls them. Apparently he has been harvesting this particular volcano for a long time and these stones allow him to live forever.

    After getting Nelson's attempted radio message the seaview sends out Sharkey, Kowalski and another diver (after they have been heat treated)

    Meanwhile back in the volcano cavern Nelson comes round sees the knackered mike making it impossible to contact Seaview and decides to head after Turner but not before collecting one of the famous voyage side arms. (Which are always left loaded)

    Nelson spots Turner who quickly drops his explosive device into a lava pool and then sends his golden henchman after him. Nelson fires on him but this has no effect (as usual) and he is knocked

    Turner and his slave leave him to die and head back to shelter from the blast in the flying sub.

    The explosion sends more violent shock waves that throw the seaview about and puts captain Crane in sick bay for the rest of the show. Luckily the divers hadn't left the escape hatch and survived.

    Nelson also survived. He freed his trapped leg by blasting a rock which it was stuck under (glad the guns work on something) and hobbled off before the blast.

    The explosion wasn't powerful enough and Turner hasn't been able to find any of his elixir stones. He concludes that a more powerful device is needed (smart or what)

    While he's heading back to the flying sub he meets up with Sharkey and the diving party. Sharkey wants to know where the Admiral is and what the explosion was all about (why the explosion bothered him so much is odd considering the volcano had been sending out endless eruptions and tidal waves)

    Turner isn't at all convincing and spins the chief a load of guff (I don't think the actor who played Turner was up to much despite being a veteran)

    Sharkey knows something is going on and orders Kowalski and the other diver to look for the Admiral while he and Turner swim back to seaview so Turner can collect a new device.

    Kowalski and the other diver find Nelson (unconscious again) and being carted about by Turners dumb slave and heading for the lava pool. Kowalski show sense and decides to go for impact and shoot the golden slave of Turner's in the head. This knocks him now.

    Nelson explains all back on-board the flying sub and instructs Kowalski to use a large portable laser to drill a hole into the lava bed. He in the mean time will swim back to Seaview and get a nuclear device to sink into the whole and blow the volcano inwards.

    Back on Seaview Turner is up to more unpleasantness when he dupes Chip into helping him in the lab and then turns him into another golden faced slave! How on earth did Bob Dowdell keep a straight face?

    Turner instructs the golden chip to go to the missile room and get a warhead from one of the torpedoes.

    Once back on-board Nelson almost suffers the same fate as chip but manages to break Turner's machine and also give him a good punch and floor him.

    Wasting no time Nelson gets on the mike and informs the missile room that Chip is on his way down there and is to be stopped at all costs. (Totally stupid of Nelson not to even partly explain that chip is not himself and may be difficult to stop)

    He and the Chief then go to the reactor room and start work on the nuclear device that will seal the volcano.

    Patterson radios Nelson to tell him they can't hold back chip (who freed turner who was on his way to the brig under guard, don't ask how he knew that)

    Nelson goes to investigate and leaves the chief to "follow the diagram" and complete the device. (must be good having a chief petty officer that can construct complex nuclear bombs)

    Nelson finds Patterson in the missile room and seems a bit disgusted that he couldn't stop Chip and Turner (despite that fact he couldn't stop Turner's original golden slave)

    He and the Chief then head off after them to the underwater volcano cavern with the nuclear device.

    Kowalski and the other diver haven't had much luck and before they can even start drilling the machine is smashed by Turner's golden slave. They beat a hasty exit before a rock fall blocks the entrance behind them.

    Kowalski decides to take the flying sub and enter the cavern from a lower level and drill the hole from the bottom up (he needs sore leave badly)

    Chip enters the flying sub and subdues the pair of them. Turner is starting to get the shakes again and needs his precious stones.

    The other diver blasts chip with the laser and they easily over power Turner. Kowalski then heads down into the lava.

    Nelson and Sharkey arrive and notice the flying sub has gone. They blast open the blocked entrance and dispose of Turners slave who falls into the lava pool.

    As there is no hole drilled Nelson decides to just throw the device in and hope the best!

    Kowalski is almost into the cavern but has had to put up with the rapidly ageing Turner and his ramblings (oddly at first they didn't strap him into a chair so he was free to bumble about)

    The flying sub arrives just in time, Nelson and Sharkey get aboard but Turner bolts out and runs into the cavern. Nelson says there isn't time to look for him and they depart into the gooey lava.

    While on the journey home chip that's been unconscious all this time starts to return to normal.

    Turner is left to blunder about looking for his elixir stones. He doesn't have long to wait before the end comes. Which is rather a disappointing explosion.

    Back on Seaview Crane and Nelson are discussing Turner and alchemy. Crane freshly out of sick bay describes Turner as a legend come to life. Nelson doesn't seem too interested and states that all the secrets died with Turner.

    Enjoyable episode but not one that stands out.

    I couldn't get on with the actor who played Turner (Victor jury) I think he was old school and waited on his lines too much.

    It's amusing to think of how many times they get in and out of wetsuits in this episode. It makes you think of semi nude Seaview crew lurching about getting changed all the time!

    The real star of this episode is the lava filled cavern sets and the full scale rear section of the beached flying sub.