Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jan 28, 1968 on ABC

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  • Crane gets put through the ringer,Nelson kills Patterson and Bentley keeps popping up.

    While testing some new equipment in the flying sub (alone for some reason) Crane spots what he thinks is a falling satellite (although it neither looks like a satellite or appears to be falling.) Shortly after this he receives message on the intercom from Nelson telling him Seaview is in danger but he gets cut of mid sentance.

    Crane races back and we are treated to the usual sloppy editing of the flying sub approaching the Seaview when she's submerged then it flicks to the Seaview on the surface as the flying sub births (this happened often, very poor editing)

    Crane takes a gun from the flying sub and apon entering the control room finds it eerily deserted. worse is to come..he hears the voices of his crew mates giving orders but he just can not see them. Eventually he tries to climb the spiral staircase and is hit by a force field (this is just David Hedison nodding about and shaking,cracks me up)

    When Crane comes around he walks over to the main computer and a stranger takes two pot shots at him! Crane fires back and appears to hit the man who falls to the floor. After a brief puch up (guess the man wasn't hit after all?) the stranger identifies himself as Jim Bentley, a UFO expert that arrived after Crane left the Seaview in the flying sub. Crane doesn't get much more out of Bentley, he slugs Crane and runs off up the spiral staircase.

    Crane risks the force field and heads up the stairs after Bentley. Poor Captain Crane, he has everything heaped on him: grenades thrown at him,disembodied voices laughing,locked in rooms you name it.

    Crane makes his way to the missile room and after creeping around discovers Bentley dead in the divers escape hatch. Just after that a figure in a red wet suit tries to murder him by firing a harpoon at him. Crane hides behind a door and over powers the figure....which turns out to be mild mannered Patterson.

    Patterson claims he didn't know it was the skipper and that he has been hearing the same voices Crane has and controls have been working on their own. He was about to leave we he spotted Crane and fired on him in a panic.The pair of them then hear the crews voices (Sharkey,Morton and Nelson) preparing to fire missiles at Washington! Crane sends Patterson to the circuitry room to pull the plug on things while he does the same there. Patterson is shot dead by a casual Nelson before he has gone a few feet.

    Nelson shoots Crane in the shoulder (where else) and leaves him for dead.

    Crane gets himself to a store room for a well earned rest but is being pursued by the crew.They have him trapped inside, he escapes by exploding a can of highly flammable cleaning compound in the doorway (very well done effect) unfortunately he is beaten round the back of the head with a rifle butt.

    The next scene is the best, it has Crane being put on trial by Nelson,with Morton and Sharkey giving evidence.. and lying! oh and Nelson even blames Crane for Pattersons murder too. At one point Nelson tips Kowalski (who is guarding Crane) the wink and with that ski gives Crane a mighty smack round the face. All this is being played out to the knowledge that Seaview is just a few minutes away from firing missiles at Washington.

    Crane isn't finished yet however,he manages to escape and after a brief battle with Nelson in the circuitry room he electrocutes him. The body of Nelson reaveals him to be some sort of robot or cyborg, jammed packed with electronics.

    The final show down is in the missile room. Jim Bentley turns up again! Crane guesses he is an alien (most of the Washington specialists turn out this way!) "Bentley" tells him that he has been assessing the human race to see if it is worthy of living. He calls it Galactic stimuli and with that the missiles are launched! Bentley seems to have covered all the angles but Crane closes the circuits by leaning on them causing the missiles explode before thay reach Washington ( you would of thought the military would of learnt not to give Seaview so much as a cap gun by now)

    The Seaview is rocked about when the missiles explode and Crane manages to get hold of Bentleys weapon and wastes no time in zapping him with it. The zap reaveals Bentley to be a green, huge headed big eyed alien (although still wearing a shirt and trousers) he, or it then appears to die and fades away (neat and tidy)

    The episodes ends with Crane looking great even though he has been beaten,shot and bashed round the head. Nelson tells him all the crews voices he heard were on the computer tapes (i take it the aliens didn't have their own ways on creating the voices so they borrowed the Admirals tape recorder) Nelson aslo tells Crane that his mind was conditioned to the whole thing once he was hit with the first force field on the stairs and explains the rest of the crew were being "held below" (there is a room big enough "below" to hold 124 men hmm)

    Another budget saver episode that puts Captain Crane through his paces but as always Hedison rises to the occasion and does a great job!

    Lot's of creepy scenes as Crane tries to work out what's going on and where everyone has got to.