Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Season 1 Episode 12

No Way Out

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Nov 30, 1964 on ABC

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  • Another spy plot, but the defector angle gives it a different twist, and Jan Merlin makes an excellent villain.

    A couple of quick city shots places the location as Oriental, before proceeding to the interior of a funeral parlor. Two men and a young woman appear to be making final arrangements for someone, but the someone abruptly pops out of his coffin. The girl is impatient--the men they're waiting for are half an hour late. The un-dead man makes it clear that he's a defector with his statement that he will only turn himself over to Admiral Nelson. (The spy business seems quite aware of Nelson's occasional forays undercover; why would a Communist defector be so insistant on turning himself in to a scientist?) The other two men are presumably American agents acting as liason. Nelson finally arrives, with Crane in tow. Anton Koslow indicates that he admires Nelson (as scientist or spy?) After arranging to rendezvous with the Seaview in a nearby cove, Nelson, Crane, and the girl, Anna, leave while the two agents pack Koslow back in his coffin. Nelson and the others meander casually down the street, well spaced apart, while a truck loaded with the coffin trails after. Two Orientals take note of the truck, and one opens fire with a machine gun. The three on foot duck, Anna disappearing into a building. The bullets hit the driver (and possibly the other man as well)and spray the length of the coffin. Nelson sends the assassins running with a shot from what seems to be a flare gun before he and Crane replace the men in the truck (who go staggering off, never to be heard from again). Anna is nowhere in sight, and there's no time to waste looking for her.

    Having gotten to the Seaview, Nelson seems certain that Anna will be left alone, since she's been separated from the main fish, Koslow. Nelson and Crane head to Sickbay to check on their new guest. There is a guard posted at the door. (This man will be kept at his post for the entire duration of Koslow's stay in Sickbay.) The ship's doctor (Richard Bull in his first outing) discreetly motions the men out of Sickbay for his report; Koslow is very badly injured and has lost a lot of blood. Up at the radioshack, Sparks scrambles a message to Washington. The Powers That Be prepare to send a man to the Seaview. A message is sent back; Nelson and Crane take some little time to decode it. An expert (and what sort of expert do you need to sit and listen to a man talk?) will be out by the following morning to debrief Koslow, who has the key to the Entire Southeast Asia Red Spy Network. All the Seaview has to do is sit tight and wait...and keep Koslow alive.

    A man strolls down one of Seaview's corridors, and is attacked by a crewman. The crewman is knocked out in seconds. A second crewman is also put out, while a third is kicked in the head or neck. A man in a suit walks up and examines the third man, who is dead. By now the audience realizes what is happening, even before the corridor suddenly opens out into a plushly furnished room. Victor, the party of the first part, is totally unconcerned by the death of a man during his practice session. The man in the suit, Colonel Dubov, tells Victor that his talents are needed. (Obviously, security needs considerable beefing up on the American side.) Washington's expert, Parker, arrives and is met by a chauffeur--Victor, who is conversant with the current password. En route to the Seaview, Victor suggests a little music. Turning on the radio sends a couple blades shooting out of the back seat, one of which hits dead on, in one of the more overtly ugly deaths on this show. Shortly afterwards, Victor shows up at the rendezvous point and introduces himself as Parker to Crane and Curley, who don't seem at all surprised that Parker is driving himself--just as Parker was unsurprised that a driver had been provided. Someone messed up royally here, either on Seaview's end or Washington's.

    "Parker" having been brought on board, Nelson implies that he's taking him to see Koslow immediately, but the next scene shows Victor in the nose, impatiently waiting for Koslow's sedative to wear off. He and Nelson pass through the Control Room--where Crane and Chip Morton are plotting their course--and stop at the radioshack, where Nelson gives Sparks a message to scramble. Victor pointedly adds the fact that he's been on board an hour and has not begun his mission yet. Nelson gives him a look, but tells Sparks to add "Parker's" remarks to the message. Down in Sickbay, the doctor is warily hopeful of Koslow's chances, but tries to refuse to allow an interrogation at the present time. Victor points out that Koslow's information is far more important than Koslow himself, and Nelson, rather grimly, agrees. Koslow is still unconcious, so they'll have to wait whether they like it or not. Nelson returns to his cabin, and is on the telephone (speaking to whom?) when Crane arrives. Koslow is concious and wants to see them. Koslow is very agitated, demanding to know where "she" is, while the doctor vainly attempts to calm him. Told that Anna had been left behind by necessity, Koslow demands that they go back for her--or he won't talk. He tells Nelson where she should be hiding. Oddly, it's Nelson who goes alone in search of Anna; you'd think it would have been Crane. The apartment Nelson was directed to is obviously in a very shabby part of the city. Apartment 14 seems to be empty, and Nelson makes a search. Opening the armoire, an Oriental with a knife lunges out. Nelson quickly gets the upper hand and demands some information. The Oriental claims that he's just a thief searching an empty apartment. (He should have just acted as though he couldn't speak English.) Nelson forces him to admit that Anna is at what sounded like the Vanderhoffen Mansion. Nelson knocks him out as he tries to run, and ties him up. (Not very efficiently, but maybe he was afraid the man would lie there and starve to death if he tied him too firmly.) Nelson, who seems to know his way around, goes to the mansion (these high-level Communists certainly live the good life, don't they?) Climbing a handy trellis, Nelson finds Anna asleep. Meanwhile, the Oriental awakens, makes his way to the telephone and places a call to the Colonel, who alerts his guards. Nelson and Anna get away with little trouble--it's presumably Anna who fires a gun out of the car, wounding one of the men chasing after them.

    Back on the Seaview (with everyone hoping they can get properly underway this time) Anna insists on seeing Koslow, but is persuaded to get some rest first. Victor breaks into Nelson's quarters to examine the plans of the Seaview. As he prepares to leave, he hears Nelson and ducks into the closet. Nelson and Crane discuss Koslow; in spite of his having improved somewhat, his outlook is still not good; he needs rest and quiet. Crane, at Nelson's suggestion, leaves to arrange for a second Sickbay setup for the crew, so that Koslow can be undisturbed. Nelson prepares to change his shirt (guess he worked up a sweat with the fight and the trellis and all). Victor prepares to strike as Nelson opens the closet--which would have necessitated speeding up his mission considerably--but Nelson is interrupted by a call from Chip. There's been a weather change; a change of route is adviseable, and would the Admiral please see about it, rather than the Captain of the ship? Nelson leaves, and Victor makes a radio call to the Colonel. (Sparks somehow misses picking up this transmission, but then, that would have messed up the plot.) The Colonel is concerned for the safety of his valuable agent, but Victor has already planned out his escape. (From a submarine out in the ocean; very competent agent indeed.)

    Victor heads for Sickbay, but is thwarted by the guard. Returning to the nose, he complains to Nelson, and Crane escorts him to Sickbay, thoroughly chewing out the guard in the process. Once inside, however, Victor finds Anna in the room, playing nurse. Victor offers to look after Koslow while she gets some rest, but Anna refuses. Victor leaves, no doubt seething with frustration. In the very next scene, Crane is in Sickbay, telling the now-awake Koslow that Anna had refused to leave until she was certain someone would stay to watch over him, which makes her refusal to Victor rather confusing, to say the least. Apparently Anna's idea of resting is to sit in the nose fretting about getting back to Koslow. She comments to Nelson that "they" will be hounding Koslow the rest of his life; he will never be truly safe. Nelson attempts to reassure her. Victor, coming down the stairwell, sees that Anna is not in Sickbay and hastens off. The doctor, having re-dressed one of Koslow's wounds, leaves, telling him that he'll be back in an hour. (Apparently he didn't hear the promise to Anna that someone would be with Koslow the whole time.) Victor, coming to Sickbay, pauses to tease the hapless guard, who shows his anger by his careful lack of reaction. Victor would come to regret wasting time with the guard; he gets paged by Crane just as he approaches Koslow, and the guard helpfully enters the room to make certain that he heard it. By now, the obstacles to Victor's simple assassination assignment are starting to get laughable. There is a message for "Parker" from Washington. Either the enemy's formidable amount of information about America's secret services did not include proper responses to a radio call, or else the men in Washington simply recognized that it was not Parker's voice answering them. One of them quickly fires off a teletype to the Seaview. Crane tears off the incoming message while Victor is still wrestling with the radio message, glances at it, and quietly passes it to Nelson. They were a little overconfident--of course, it was one man against a whole roomful of crew--Nelson and Crane elect to confront Victor rather than instantly calling for security. Crane gets a nasty gut punch and Victor is out of there in moments. In short order, he downs a security man, grabs his gun, and
    shoots the crewman accompanying Nelson. Another crewman, with incredible foolhardiness, jumps at Victor right after he gets shot at. Victor deals with him and yet another man.

    They've got an assassin on the loose, yet Crane makes no attempt to increase the guard over Koslow, leaving it to the one man (who by now must be pretty exhausted). Posting more men would not have harmed the plot. Instead, Crane sets his men to searching through the ship. In an historic moment, Victor takes to the air ventilation system for the first (but by no means the last) time on this show. While the search is underway, Crane speaks with Anna (who for some reason has not returned to the Sickbay). She insists on going to Koslow, and Crane pauses his search to escort her there. The ship's doctor is inexplicably absent. The search parties converge in the Control Room, having failed to find the agent. Nelson deduces where he must be, and Crane confirms it. They each send a man into the ventilation system. Victor hears someone approaching (the echo effect in there must be tremendous), and ambushes the crewman. Crane takes to the ducts himself. Victor reaches Sickbay, only to watch, dumbfounded, as Anna pulls a vial out of her hem and fills a hypodermic with the fluid. (This begs the question--why didn't Anna kill Koslow during all that time that she was alone in Sickbay previously? This gaping plothole would have been filled with one quick shot of the ship's doctor sitting at his desk or something, further inside the Sickbay.) Koslow awakens as she reaches for his arm. There's a maudlin little exchange before she persuades him back to sleep--but then he spots the hypodermic. He had trained her well before he decided to defect--the Party comes first. Koslow grabs her arm and yells for help--rather feebly--but that guard still should have heard. Victor springs into the room. Anna is startled, but quick on the uptake, as is seen moments later when Nelson (not the guard) bursts into the room. She instantly starts struggling with Victor, and the guard gets the satisfaction of clubbing Victor over the head. Nelson and the others all go off with Victor (which is probably understandable, given Victor's formidable talents), leaving Anna alone with Koslow. Fortunately, Crane shows up at this moment, and watches, just as dumbfounded, as Anna fills the hypodermic with the remaining fluid (the original had probably gotten squirted out in the struggle). Crane shoots the hypo out of her hand (and considering the angles, I don't see how he managed it without hitting either Anna or Koslow) before jumping into the room and wrestling with her. Anna, who had not reacted in the slightest to nearly getting her hand blown off, quickly subsides, a sobbing wreck, in Crane's arms. (Crane gets the girl whether he wants her or not.)

    In the nose, Crane comments that Koslow must thrive on excitement--he's improved enough that he can leave Sickbay. Koslow somberly contemplates Anna's treachery--he calls her a double agent, which is not technically true. She simply remained loyal to her party, rather than defecting with Koslow. Koslow, who's undoubtedly seen a great deal of ugliness in his time, seems dourly resigned rather than devastated.

    A good, fast-paced episode--although they needed to patch up both that plothole and ship's Security.