Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

ABC (ended 1968)





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  • Somebody should have sued the the manufacturer of the Seaview'sonboard kept exploding and electrocuting the ships navigator....


    My general observations and criticizims of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is the same as my criticizims of Irwin Allens other series of the mid-1960' starts out great and really well written, and then out come the guys in the goofy rubber monster suits and the inane storylines and the series rapidly spin dives straight into the toilet. But do you really want to know what it was about that show that really made me bleeping crazy...even when I was a KID!?! It was the ships computer. The damned computer! Every time some guy in a rubber monster suit would grab the seaview and bite it...oh hell, every time the damned seaveiw experienced even a little turbulence, the computer would blow up and fry the navigator. Seems like every second or third episode this would happen. You'd think the Navy would wise up and find better electrical contractors to handle the electrical systems on board the Seaview. Even when I was a kid, I used to wonder how much the Veteran's Administration had to shell out to the families of all the navigators who got fried by the Seaview's electrical consoles everythime they hit a bump or the Seaview got bit by some guy in a rubber monster suit...pfwaHA!

  • I must say I'm a little irked that everything I read about this episode said the same thing;

    I must say I am a little irked that everything I read about this episode said the same thing; major secrets revealed, lots of love-making --- and there was none.... what happened? Regardless, it is an episode you can't miss - it's hilarious and the Naley scenes are very adorable.
  • The adventures of the submarine Seaview of the Nelson Institute of Marine Research headed by Admiral Harriman Nelson and Captain Lee Crane the ships captain. A science fiction show based on the movie of the same name it ran four years on ABC

    This for years is my all time favorite series. I started watching it regulary in the second year.On the series fourth year my parents finally got a color TV and the first time I saw it color they changed the opening scenes for the Two stars. After it was canceled I finally saw all the episodes. I had old TV guides for the summer of the second year and when I saw the shows I got to understand the storylines. In syndication they ran the second to fourth seasons first because they were in color.Finally they ran the first season shows and I saw the changes. First year the Seaview control room and the observation nose with the windows was on seperate levels. They used the sets for the movie the first year. Also the orginal Chief was Curley Jones. The second year the show was in color and the control room was behind the observation nose and they added the Flying Sub.The new chief was Francis Sharkey. After the begining of the fourth season they changed the opening photos used for the stars from the way they were seasons two and three. But the early fourth still have the early seasons scenes.
  • Not a good choise!

    It's hard to work up any enthusiasm for this awful cartoon-like epic that for some reason has become a cult classic. It certainly can't be because of the totally artificial look of the set designs or the limpid acting of an all-star cast. These days it's shown much too frequently on Fox Movie Channel or AMC.

    It pains me to report that veteran actors like Walter Pigeon and Joan Fontaine are even cast in this muddled science fiction travesty, none of which rings true. It's like watching an expensive budget being spent on a Saturday afternoon kiddie show full of cardboard characters and unconvincing dialog. It's a comic book version of the Jules Verne novel.

    The maturing Fontaine was still attractive but wears a pained expression on her face, perhaps regretting that she had accepted the role of the psychiatrist before reading the script. She contributes absolutely nothing to her cardboard role but an imperial and uncomfortable presence and looks totally out of place most of the time. Faring no better are Robert Sterling, Barbara Eden and--most of all, Peter Lorre--as well as Frankie Avalon, who gets to sing the title tune which--it's safe to say--did not become anyone's favorite title tune.

    An awfully frustrating experience to sit through a film like this which wastes an attractive cast and is an insult to almost anyone's intelligence. Totally unconvincing from start to finish. The film, as well as the fantastic submarine, sinks to the bottom of the sea long before the fight with a rubber octopus brings the film to a dreary conclusion.
  • This show was about the adventures of the submarine SeaView, the dream made reality by Admiral Harriman Nelson and his Nelson Institute. It was commanded by Captain Crane,whom Nelson repected and liked. They had many interesting suspensful adventures.

    I thought that this show was great. It may seem a bit campy by today's standards but the stories were interesting and suspensful the majority of the time. I liked Admiral Nelson and Capt. Crane as characters. I enjoyed their relationship of great respect for each others abilities and character balanced with the fact that they were such good friends. The stories were (for the most part) well paced and well told. I enjoyed nearly all of the guest actors and thought that they fit in well. I think it is still possible for today's tv viewers to enjoy this show but one needs to suspend their mental criticisms of the details ( or special effects) and just experience the story.
  • One of the great classic Sci-Fi series.

    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was one of my favorite programs as a kid during the 60s, and definitely one of the highlights of the week.

    Watching it again now - 40 Years later - the sets and effects are mediocre, the continuity is occasionally poor to none existent, BUT... it's still very watchable and has certainly stood the test of time!

    Recent 'Sci-Fi' TV series often seem to have very weak, drawn-out storylines more like soaps with an occasional hint of sci-fi, and rely on CGI graphical effects to try & keep some audience interest.

    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is just the opposite of these: The stories are generally well written and self contained with a decent amount of action and suspense.
    The actors are pretty good & their characters work well in the stories.

    The end result is episodes which mostly rate somewhere from Good to edge-of-the-seat Gripping.
  • One Of Many Greats

    This was Irwin Allen’s unique vision of Science Fiction-reality television. The real concept of deep-water exploration was one of his personal visions. The Theatrical release of Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea was a hit and with that opens many doors for the Producer-director. This television version of the film was tailored for young adults with some cutting edge “real” science in a potentially dangerous world.

    Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea is also set in a possible future world of political posturing and dangerous adversaries. Lines are clearly drawn between ideological beliefs and those of science and exploration. Based on an ever-expanding world of the ocean and sea exploration, the crew of the civilian submarine Seaview, brought adventure and drama to viewers weekly. The series also dealt with some of the cultural questions of the day, in a science fiction based theme.
  • excellent very much irwin allen why oh why can we the public,not get to see this classsic anymore??? i have hunted everywhere to try and get the series,willing to pay hundreds. someone must be deliberately keeping this classic works o

    we the public want it,we got lost in space series after so many years of that hiding,why not voyage to the bottom of the sea,as well as the land of the giants,come one,please release these gems.they where made for us to enjoy not yearn and mourn over.
    the very best of irwin allen my hero.
  • Yes the show is campy by todays standards. But it ws great as a child. Being only 10 when it came on the air it held me to the TV.

    The show was good over all. But it was funny to see certain sets bounce around from Irwin other shows. Even Batman borrowed some of the so called computer stuff.
    But it did hold the interest of this person when he was 10. I looked forward to each episode every week.