Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

ABC (ended 1968)





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  • One Of Many Greats

    This was Irwin Allen’s unique vision of Science Fiction-reality television. The real concept of deep-water exploration was one of his personal visions. The Theatrical release of Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea was a hit and with that opens many doors for the Producer-director. This television version of the film was tailored for young adults with some cutting edge “real” science in a potentially dangerous world.

    Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea is also set in a possible future world of political posturing and dangerous adversaries. Lines are clearly drawn between ideological beliefs and those of science and exploration. Based on an ever-expanding world of the ocean and sea exploration, the crew of the civilian submarine Seaview, brought adventure and drama to viewers weekly. The series also dealt with some of the cultural questions of the day, in a science fiction based theme.